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please mr. Jesús just make closedverse fast i've tried literally everything i can do including using gevent, parititoning the database, getting a server with a better cpu, and caching literally everything but having it not work at all and also pypy and fail2ban haven't done SHIT please i have fought this battle since like november every page takes 42069 seconds to load is it really too much to ask I TRIED CACHING BUT IT DIDN'T FUCKING WORK I TRIED IT IN EVERY COMBINATION AND LIKE IN EVERY SINGLE THING IT SHOULD MAKE THE SERVER LIKE 94392489327847239 FASTER BUT NO IT DOESN'T DJANGO DECIDES THAT NOPE NOTHING SHOULD BE CACHED LOL AND THEN USELESS SYSTEM RESOURCES ARE TAKEN UP AND NOTHING HAPPENS FUCK YOU mr Jesús and also i somewhat doubt it has to do with CPython it has to be the database and for those who don't knoW NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't just make this site use PHP™ or a Java Virtual Machine™ this is django and it's jjango wait a second yeah i just upgraded to django 2.0 and guess what that didn't work how surprising
i think i've overexaggerating no i haven't tried EVERYTHING you know what i haven't tried? fuck ing escaping django but honestly it isn't worth it, and y''''know i actually tried to rewrite this entire site in node.js which would've probably made it, not fast but just NORMAL but i actually gave that up, i got lots of things leading to user pages but

yeah actually i HAVEN't tried EVERYTHING, caching would probably fix the performance but it's all been added without planning and i could probably get it all working eventually if i actually tried and also not all pages have caching but all pages are slow but this site is dead anyway so who cares

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