What is Closedverse?

It's like Openverse, but made by Arian Kordi un-famous Miiverse Hacker Inventor, and done right this time.

Will Closedverse hack me?

Closedverse will not hack you.

Will I hack Closedverse?

You will not hack Closedverse.

Is Closedverse an elephant?

Closedverse does not contain C U R L Y B O Y S.

Why is it closed though?

Because Openverse wasn't actually open source, and it's opposite day. Source code is at

:joy: :joy: :joy: WHO DID THIS :joy: :joy: :joy:

Arian is the programmer/developer/creator, PF2M designed the logo and made all of the art.

Maintenance info

As of 12:55 PM EST, I'm going to start the maintenance, maybe.

Basically, I'll just be moving images now, and when that's done, then I'll go and shut down the database, move to the new server, and such and such. I'll keep you updated here.
Please try not to post/comment/message images for now.

Update: 1:32 pm

I'm now starting to move stuff, maybe. The new server isn't set up however, so we'll need to do that at the end of this. Please still try not to post images, they have a chance of getting deleted, if you do post them in messages or what have you.

Update: 3:25 pm

I am now moving images. Actually, I have been moving images since a while ago. It'll take a while, so you know what, I'm enabling screenshots again. Still don't post much, but, you can if you need to or something.
I don't know how long it'll take, probably not much long. It's all automatic, so we just need to wait.

Okay (5:47 pm)

I got much of the images transferred, and I've set up the new server, so we're ready to move right now, and we will. Actually, it'll take like 20 minutes, so, yeah. If you're in a conversation or something, it's a great time to stop now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and move to a better messaging service


I didn't actually work on things, and I don't think I will :((. Actually, I have to. Expect me to come back at like 9 pm, then I'll work on this but right now I'm focused with other things oka

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