What is Closedverse?

It's like Openverse, but made by Arian Kordi un-famous Miiverse Hacker Inventor, and done right this time.

Will Closedverse hack me?

Closedverse will not hack you.

Will I hack Closedverse?

You will not hack Closedverse.

Is Closedverse an elephant?

Closedverse does not contain C U R L Y B O Y S.

Why is it closed though?

Because Openverse wasn't actually open source, and it's opposite day. Source code is at

:joy: :joy: :joy: WHO DID THIS :joy: :joy: :joy:

Arian is the programmer/developer/creator, PF2M designed the logo and made all of the art.

What did I do in those 6 days?


I got lots of ideas though.

Why is it still slow?

Okay, so the main thing that was holding the server back was the CPU, right? Well, you know how I'm running the database server AND the app on the same server? Actually, that's probably the cause.
Right now, I'm offloading database tasks and the entire database to another server. This means that this server has to query the other server, which means an Internet connection, which means SLOWNESS
At first, I tried setting up a private network between my database server and this server. If this worked, this would be SUPERFAST, but after 2 days of trying (and I'm Arian Kordi), literally nothing I did worked, I couldn't find any good guides, and my private networking simply wasn't working.
I wanted to release this now though. But, if I got that working, this would be lots faster. Unfortunately not, but eh.

There's no block button??!?!? THERE'S A RAID GOING ON RIGHT NOW???????!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

If there's a raid going on by the time you're reading this, well, hope I don't find out about it and shut this down again.
I understand that blocking is heavily wanted and is, like, the most requested feature here, and is most needed right about now, this is the perfect time it's needed and will spawn problems if it isn't. But: those are system intensive too. For now, they're simply not here. I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait longer.
I have some great ideas to prevent raids (along with other cool stuff like preventing public accounts from working), but, you know, I haven't put them in yet.

How hard is it to do anything [email protected]!!?!?!?!?

TBH it isn't very hard to implement things, it's mostly logic (and if they're possible) that has to be solved, and not procrastinating. Nobody is helping me with these, therefore I'm probably being let to procrastinate and such.
Also, school.
I'm super tired.

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