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Spoilers ยท 09/09/2018 12:59 AM

*later on the Radiant flies through hyperspace as Sharlett sits behind Xavian*

Xavian: You sure your information is correct?

Sharlett: Yeah.

Gus: How's the new left arm we gave you?

Sharlett: Better than the old one you gave me back on ryloth. It kept malfunctioning everytime I repair my Tie Hunter.

Xavian: We're coming up on the border fleet!

*the radiant is pulled out of hyperspace and is in front of an imperial fleet of star destroyers and interdictors*

Imperial Officer: Unidentified ship, identify yourself!

Sharlett: My turn.

*Sharlett leans in on the comm*

Sharlett: This is freighter "profiteer", requesting permission to pass towards the bakura system. Transmitting codes now.

*the holographic display of the security codes appears as 12162016*

Imperial Officer: Codes are confirmed, you may proceed, have a nice day citizen.

Sharlett: Glory to the empire, sir, thank you.

*the radiant jumps into hyperspace again*

Xavian: Impressive!

Sharlett: Trust me inquisitors always get their own security codes, unexpired and imperials won't know who it belongs to.

Gus: Hopefully Bakura doesn't have imperial presence. If it's true we'll have to chart a secret hyperspace route for the fleet.