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Spoilers· 2 days ago

Why has the idea of remaking Spyro: Shadow Legacy from the ground up suddenly popped into my mind?
I don't have the time, skill or resources to do this! Why am I even thinking about it?!


Spoilers· 07/09/2018 05:31 PM

As I'm probably getting a PS4 on Thursday, I can finally be excited for this game without being scared to not be able to play it! yay

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Spoilers· 07/09/2018 01:48 PM



Spoilers· 06/30/2018 08:59 AM

Last evening in Discord, a friend tried to convince me that Spyro Reignited Trilogy will not come to switch in any case. These people who don't understand why Spyro is good can be annoying... I'm s...


07/04/2018 05:10 PM

A friend of mine said that in a store where she went, you were able to preorder the Switch version of Spyro Reignited Trilogy, actually. S o y e a h

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Spoilers· 06/27/2018 08:21 PM

Got more dragon footage.
This is a redesign I can get behind.


Spoilers· 06/26/2018 03:20 PM

I found using Moon Jump and stuff like that fun, I dunno why-


Spoilers· 06/26/2018 03:19 PM

How to play Japanese Spyro 2 101


Spoilers· 06/25/2018 06:01 PM

Oh look, there's the room where you talk to Agent9 over there.


Spoilers· 06/25/2018 12:27 AM

As if Enter the Dragonfly wasn't bad enough, someone thought it was a good idea to give Ripto's horn jiggle-physics...

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06/28/2018 10:20 PM

Oh, I know that gameplay series! It's good-


Spoilers· 06/24/2018 04:14 PM


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Spoilers· 06/24/2018 10:09 AM

I can't believe Ripto's fucking dead.

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06/24/2018 07:34 PM

I kinda had to make sure. Some guy on another site legit thought that was Ripto and Spyro was racist and stuff.


Spoilers· 06/23/2018 05:41 PM

I've only played the second Spyro game (I can't quite remember what it's called at the moment) But I can say I really like Spryo.


06/28/2018 01:27 AM

Greetings. I'm here representing Miiverse Hangouts and we have noticed that you're friends with Beth. We're trying to gather all of her friends to our discord server so it can be more comfortable for her. If you have any interest in joining here's the link. https://discord.gg/adddMDW

Callie's Prince (Murray)

Spoilers· 06/15/2018 10:14 PM

I love Spyro!

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Spoilers· 06/14/2018 10:36 PM

I'd probably have enjoyed Dawn of the Dragon a lot more if every enemy didn't take like 5 billion hits to kill.


Spoilers· 06/11/2018 11:24 AM

Is it normal that I cried, laughed and fangirled while watching this E3 demo gameplay?

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Spoilers· 06/09/2018 03:50 PM

Despite being a bigger fan of the classic trilogy than the Legend of Spyro trilogy, my favourite character in the whole franchise (other than Spyro himself) is Cynder.
I know it's unlikely, but I'...


Spoilers· 06/09/2018 02:39 PM

Ripto's Rage.


Spoilers· 06/08/2018 05:33 PM

New Artwork for Reignited Trilogy :D makes me want the game even more

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Spoilers· 06/08/2018 04:56 PM

So the baby dragonflies in Enter the Dragonfly are meant to be given to the baby dragons from Year of the Dragon, right?
Well, there are 151 baby dragons (the last egg contained twins), and only 9...

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06/24/2018 12:19 PM

31 of them were bit by an ant and perished. RIP baby dragos.


Spoilers· 06/06/2018 06:26 PM

I love Crash Bandicoot


Spoilers· 06/05/2018 03:14 PM

Here, have other leaked gameplay of Stone Hill.


Spoilers· 06/03/2018 11:24 PM

Thought that icon was the dab for a second

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Spoilers· 06/02/2018 10:23 AM

18 seconds of beauty.


Spoilers· 06/01/2018 07:12 PM

give me this game right now please

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Spoilers· 05/30/2018 07:24 PM

Ok lets get something clear, the reason spyro hasn't gotten in smash is it would be near impossible to make a moveset for him,let alone a final smash, even if he somehow gets the most votes on a po...

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06/24/2018 12:30 PM

Let's see... Classic Spyro has an arsenal of breaths, Flame, Ice, Elec, Water, Bubble and Wind, to be used in a moveset. He has the Charge the Headbash and Horndive) to cover some more attacks. They could incorporate spitting when he throws small items. As for melee attacks Spyro did learn the Dragon Kata in SL. Final Smash could be SuperFlame Combo or something. Trust me, Classic Spyro got moves.

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Spoilers· 05/24/2018 09:42 PM

For some reason, I feel like sharing the order I first played the Spyro games in.
No idea why, but here it goes.
Year of the Dragon, Gateway to Glimmer, Spyro the Dragon, Season of Flame, Season ...

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05/30/2018 11:36 PM

Spyro 2: Ripto Rage / Gateway to Glimmer, Spyro 3: Year of the dragon Spyro the Dragon.

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Spoilers· 05/24/2018 12:51 PM

Have a funny.

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Spoilers· 05/22/2018 11:13 PM

Any legend trilogy fans here that are triggered by this fucker too.

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05/23/2018 08:19 PM

Ah. Yeah, I haven't really read any TLoS fan comics. Read a few fanfics, though, to varying degrees of quality.


Spoilers· 05/21/2018 05:43 PM

The Spyro and Sparx Funko POP! will be releasing in September!


1 day ago

it actually looks decent tbh


Spoilers· 05/20/2018 09:32 PM

Cute Spyro!


Spoilers· 05/19/2018 10:49 PM

Cursed image:

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06/24/2018 12:32 PM

This is Gnorcs doing.


Spoilers· 05/19/2018 08:54 PM

sypro is a gay furry fag fandom

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Spoilers· 05/19/2018 07:17 PM

I know it was only meant to be a little joke, but it is a shame nothing came of this.

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05/19/2018 09:18 PM

At least the music's great!


Spoilers· 05/17/2018 08:33 PM

On the weekend, should I try finishing A Hero's Tail?

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Entertainment Incorporated

05/22/2018 10:40 PM

Yes,that final part is an absolute nightmare tho.


Spoilers· 05/17/2018 11:56 AM

Thinking of how Spyro: Year of the Dragon will look like in the remaster makes me literally cry tears of joy.


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05/20/2018 07:36 AM

It's kinda like what they did with the N. Same Trilogy; show footage of just the first game to begin with, then slowly tease and show more from the second and third.

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Spoilers· 05/16/2018 03:11 PM

I adore Year of the Dragon, but that yeti boxing minigame can go eat a dick.


Spoilers· 05/15/2018 09:26 PM

I'm just happy there's a new Spyro logo.

Entertainment Incorporated

Spoilers· 05/15/2018 09:11 PM

Over the weekend I got to preorder the reignited trilogy, I'm so fucking excited!


Spoilers· 05/15/2018 01:46 PM

Sometimes I love the internet.

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Spoilers· 05/15/2018 01:44 PM

Cursed T-shirt

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Spoilers· 05/15/2018 12:01 PM

Something I might do between now and the release of the Reignited Trilogy is cover my thoughts on each of the Spyro games I've played.
They're not gonna be super in-depth reviews or anything, just...


Spoilers· 05/12/2018 09:42 PM

Spyro 2 is my favourite classic Spyro game.

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Spoilers· 05/12/2018 09:37 PM

This trailer made me think Shadow Legacy was gonna be fantastic.
Shame it was only a fairly mediocre DS game.

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06/19/2018 11:35 AM

I've......never heard of this game.....

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Spoilers· 05/09/2018 09:52 PM

I... actually don't really like most of the tracks in Year of the Dragon that are unique to the Greatest Hits release.
I mean, most of them are okay, but I prefer the ones that were used in the re...

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Spoilers· 05/09/2018 08:38 PM

Can I just say how badass some of the enemy design in the Legend of Spyro trilogy are?
Seriously, some of my favourites in the series come from A New Beginning and The Eternal Night.

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Spoilers· 05/08/2018 08:46 PM



Spoilers· 05/08/2018 03:19 AM

I'm just going to post my Spyro drawing I did today here.

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Spoilers· 05/07/2018 11:31 PM

Of the main enemy types of the series, the Apes from A New Beginning and The Eternal Night may just be my favourite, both in terms of design and how they act in-game.
The Rynocs come a close secon...

$wørdαsħ is a phantom?

Spoilers· 05/07/2018 09:16 PM

sonic and spyro

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