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I might get this game but I have no idea which one of the games to get first and I only have a 2DS

Shitposting Skout

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Comment your favorite GBA FE and why it is your favorite.


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Reminder that the FF community is gone

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Shitposting Skout

2 days ago

Guess it's up to us to keep the fire burning.


Spoilers· 12/06/2018 03:45 AM

If Pokémon games allow you to pet the Pokémon, why can't we pet our married units in FE Fates?

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16 hours ago

how is that """""sexual""""" though it's LITERALLY JUST PETTING


Spoilers· 12/03/2018 10:29 PM

Tell me your top 10 favorite character designs from Path of Radiance / Radiant Dawn.


Spoilers· 12/01/2018 01:17 PM

Should I get back into playing FE4? I only got past the prologue, which was fun at times, but took me an hour to finish. I might start playing it again if I allow myself to use battle saves just th...


Spoilers· 11/27/2018 06:02 AM

Why was Fates geared towards kids? Here's the proof of this, in the A Gift from Anna DLC, Anna breaks the fourth wall and offers the player either a Witch's Mark or a Sighting Lens and when you pic...

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3 days ago

"Kid" can be used to refer to someone young in general, not just children.


Spoilers· 11/24/2018 09:44 PM

Lucina, Princess and future Exalt.


Spoilers· 11/22/2018 03:27 PM

I thought the story of Path of Radiance was solid, so I wanted to know if Radiant Dawn's story improves Path of Radiance's characters and the continuity of its setting. Is it any better or is the P...


12/01/2018 01:12 AM

I would say radiant dawn is a pretty solid sequel however I haven't finished it yet. It doesn't focus on ike as much but he's still in it. Some of the mechanics have been improved. I think it's pretty good, probably of equal value to path of radiance. Would definitely give it a try if I were you

Nyan(Praise Kaito)

Spoilers· 11/21/2018 01:38 AM

Farewell,70+ orbs.
Bye now,pity rate.
Till we meet again,Adrift Female Corrin.
Alas it seems like Adrift Female Corrin and Halloween Jakob was not meant to be this time...perhaps in another lege...


Spoilers· 11/18/2018 04:54 PM

A while back, I was using Google Assistant to open Fire Emblem Heroes and accidentally said "Open Fire Emblem Awakening". It recognized the word "awakening", but still opened up Heroes. XD

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Plutia, and 19 others

Spoilers· 11/17/2018 05:02 AM


Iro Zero

Spoilers· 11/17/2018 02:29 AM

Okay so this community is practically ded now XD

Iro Zero

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We must protec the smol Azura.


Spoilers· 11/08/2018 07:12 AM

Did Echoes really need a T rating THAT badly, I mean really? E10+ games can have deep and complex plots that have occasional dark moments so why wasn't it E10+?


12/05/2018 12:41 PM

bc berkut exists


Spoilers· 11/08/2018 04:06 AM

Well, that Feh Channel was mildly disappointing.


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Spoilers· 11/05/2018 10:45 PM

Should Ilyana be a spirit in Smash Ultimate? Her Spirit Battle can be fighting either Kirby or the purple alt Wario and food constantly spawns on the stage.


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Spoilers· 11/04/2018 01:31 PM

I'm on team Magic is Everything, btw.

Just Jafdon

Spoilers· 11/04/2018 04:38 AM

Reminder that Wrys is a confirmed spirit

Shitposting Skout

Spoilers· 11/03/2018 02:21 AM


Carbon Mythra

Spoilers· 11/02/2018 07:59 AM


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11/04/2018 11:10 PM

my real question is why did he give him DC. he can already- oh wait. BST right?


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Nyan(Praise Kaito)

Spoilers· Edited· 10/28/2018 04:03 PM

So... +res -atk or +atk -def,which one is the better IVs for Halloween Jakob?Or should I just try to summon a better one.

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Azure (2 months left)

10/29/2018 10:20 PM

Yeah, +Def -Spd is the best of those 3 IVs.

Nyan(Praise Kaito)

Spoilers· 10/27/2018 04:06 PM

Thanks for ruining my pity rate Delthea!How dare you distance Kliff from me even more!Thank you!

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Overlord of GorJess

Spoilers· 10/27/2018 03:37 PM

Lucina goes back in time to try to make Fire Emblem: Fates better.

"Time to change Fates!"

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Just Jafdon

10/28/2018 05:44 AM

Finally, a way to get pre-patch Bayonetta to fight melee fox, just grab her with Marth.


Spoilers· 10/27/2018 01:13 PM

is there a mashup of together we ride and uhh. cirno's theme from touhou

because there should be i think

MariTomoe on Indigo

Spoilers· 10/26/2018 11:36 PM

I tend to use the Inner Sanctum the most out of the Echoes DLC because it's so easy to get ridiculously good shit without having to fight anyone from it if you know how to avoid the enemies and not...


Spoilers· 10/26/2018 08:38 PM

Honestly, I like Awakening's EXP DLC more than Fates'
In Awakening, the levels of the Risen vary, making it easier for low level units to land a hit, but in Fates, the levels of the Faceless went ...

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Plutia, and 19 others

10/27/2018 08:11 PM

Imagine paying money to grind

Carbon Mythra

Spoilers· 10/26/2018 11:10 AM

Kliff became a green haired dancer of the red summoning pool. That's neat.

[Seriously though, although Silvia broke my pitty rate when no blues were available I'm very happy I got her. Although ...


Spoilers· 10/26/2018 04:26 AM

Is it just me or was Aversa's GHB tougher than some of the others

Azure (2 months left)

Spoilers· 10/26/2018 01:34 AM

You know, after some recent times...
I think that, if I had a daughter, I’d really want to name her Deirdre. It’s just a good name.

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Shitposting Skout

10/26/2018 11:29 PM

I had the same exact thought as you.

Carbon Mythra

Spoilers· 10/24/2018 10:47 AM

Soon there soon there...

Just 20,000 more feathers and I'm done with Clair!

So... Until I get more Henrys I can focus on merging Niles to +5


Spoilers· 10/23/2018 05:11 PM

First level I've unlocked Abyssal for


Spoilers· 10/23/2018 02:10 PM

The german Sagittae description is wrong, it says Res+ 3 instead of Def+ 3. We germans clearly deserve some compensation orbs.

Carbon Mythra

10/24/2018 10:44 AM

For that... YES! WHAT A CRIME! HOW DARE THEY TL GET KLIFF'S DESCRIPTION WRONG!? ÒWÓ [... Auch diejenigen, die es auf Englisch spielen wie meine Wenigkeit? -w-']

MariTomoe on Indigo

Spoilers· 10/23/2018 10:15 AM

IS is so bad at balancing DLC in relation to the base game that it's genuinely impressive

Awakening's DLC was just absurdly broken because EXPonential Growth and the money one who's name I don't...


Spoilers· 10/23/2018 08:13 AM

So Owain's Blue Flame skill is actually inheritable.
Not sure how useful that is, but w/e.


Spoilers· 10/22/2018 09:25 PM

What do you call a Kana-bean with dark skin?
...I'll leave.

Carbon Mythra

Spoilers· 10/22/2018 05:59 PM

Time to go nuts!

Carbon Mythra

Spoilers· 10/22/2018 11:31 AM

This game's draining me, my orbs and my wallet! TwT

BUUUT Kliff's finally here! OWO

Azure (2 months left)

10/22/2018 09:40 PM

I was going to make a joke about how similar he looks to that Elsword guy, but it seems you already posted about Kliff.