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So Switch was banned after updating to OFW 6.0.1 on the same day. No word from Nintendo as to why, not even Email.

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19 minutes ago

You have to ask them, they may not even be aware of how your system is doing.


Spoilers· 10/17/2018 11:39 AM


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Spoilers· 10/16/2018 07:13 PM

Okay never thought I would to survive to driving to the desert hole this close!


Spoilers· 10/16/2018 02:23 PM

Holy heck I thought I was the only one that missed Miiverse


Spoilers· 10/15/2018 12:20 AM

Reached 270000VR celebrating with my combo from the rTT car clip!

🎃👻💀☠️Halloween JoshM.(21)☠️💀👻🎃

10/15/2018 06:32 AM

There's Dark Blue Yoshi though. Welp, once I set up my Nintendo Switch someday & start playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on there or so, wanna do some Races with me in Online Multiplayer?


Spoilers· 10/14/2018 02:58 PM

I might be like, the only person on Earth who doesn't want BOTW. If not, hallelujah.

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Spoilers· 10/14/2018 02:42 AM

YEET got switch online BOIIII

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10/14/2018 02:56 PM

Wrong community, buddy. That gif only belongs in the Baldi community.


Spoilers· 10/14/2018 02:31 AM

Well, I finished Super Mario Bros and the Legend of Zelda NES today. Now I guess I have to play something else now that the Zelda file that used to have all my stuff is gone. Hopefully the others g...


Spoilers· 10/14/2018 01:17 AM

Only two more Switch games I want to get this year:

-Super Mario Party
-Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Spoilers· 10/13/2018 11:32 PM

Nintendo Switch Online.

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10/17/2018 02:49 AM

*GASP* Its papa WAH


Spoilers· 10/10/2018 04:18 PM


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zach TM☆

10/12/2018 09:31 PM

Agreement verse man we all want mii veres on the switch


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Spoilers· 10/10/2018 12:01 PM

I wonder if Nintendo is gonna do what they did with Splatoon and make a SmashNet on the Online App. That way you can track your wins and losses and how often you use a certain character. Super Smas...


Spoilers· 10/10/2018 10:10 AM

Reached 260000VR!

Osama Bin Laden

Spoilers· 10/08/2018 02:15 PM

Isn't it weird that the Wii U had more online features like Miiverse and Wii U Chat(Even though they were sometimes trash.)Build-in Microphone and Camera,And the fact that anyone can back up their ...

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10/09/2018 06:32 PM

The Switch was specifically designed to be a gaming console. It didn't come with YouTube or an internet browser or any of that specifically so people wouldn't be too distracted


Spoilers· Edited· 10/06/2018 09:59 PM

"More games”
The only difference is laggy old NES games
“More features”
Umm... you mean being able to play online, which you always could do... for FREE?
“More fun”
So fun to throw away all my...

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10/08/2018 03:13 AM

If online is bad and you disconnect often, it’s because of your own personal Wi-Fi, not Nintendo. And not necessarily. It’s a 1985 game after all. They did the best they could to make an old game like that compatible to a console that’s +30 years younger.

Precure TN

Spoilers· 10/03/2018 01:36 AM

Glitter Future ✖️ Halloween 🎃

Fortnite Season 6

Precure TN

Spoilers· 10/03/2018 01:09 AM

Glitter Future Characters: Precure TN Eva Liz and Koala

Precure TN

Spoilers· 10/03/2018 12:59 AM

Glitter Future Presidents 5: K Paz


Precure TN

Spoilers· 10/03/2018 12:55 AM

Glitter Future President 4: Liz and Koala


Spoilers· 10/01/2018 10:13 PM

Reached 250000VR in 31 days!!! VR4 will start earlier than I planned.

The Biggie G.

Spoilers· 10/01/2018 12:32 AM

Awesomely awesome!


Spoilers· 09/30/2018 05:50 AM

I'm so happy right now! I finally got the BOTW Expansion Pass!!


Spoilers· 09/29/2018 02:33 PM

Nintendo Switch Online:

More headaches.
More pain.
More problems.

(Oh, and it's the same crappy online service you've had for over a year, but now we're charging for it. Also, $60 NES contr...


Spoilers· Edited· 09/29/2018 01:03 PM

repost here because i think everyone here will understand


Spoilers· 09/29/2018 06:16 AM

Anyone enjoying the limited but still kinda good voice chat of Nintendo Switch Online?


Spoilers· 09/29/2018 01:30 AM

oh sir the insult simulator and oh sir the hollywood roast on switch are so cool like you can offend your opponents on the big tv instead of tiny computer screen


Spoilers· 09/29/2018 01:20 AM

With October coming up, I personally think it'd be pretty cool if some RPG Maker horror games were released on the Switch as indie titles. It probably won't happen, but I can always dream.


Spoilers· 09/29/2018 12:48 AM

welp i have to pay for online now. at least balloon world and fortnite still work


Spoilers· Edited· 09/29/2018 12:12 AM

Reminder that the 3DS can handle this, something to my knowledge the Switch hasn´t got as far yet.
And they say the Switch is better than the 3DS, SMH.


Spoilers· 09/28/2018 09:28 PM

I have to say that I really enjoyed that race!

Weegee :^)

Spoilers· 09/28/2018 07:59 PM

Just to let you know that you can pre-order a physical edition of Golf Story at Limited Run Games!


Spoilers· 09/28/2018 01:37 PM

Yeah if u hate the Nintendo Switch Online update

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09/28/2018 01:39 PM

Same i didn’t have the Nintendo switch


Spoilers· 09/26/2018 08:54 PM

Very fun race!

Nahtatroll 

Spoilers· 09/26/2018 05:06 PM

I’m back!


Spoilers· 09/24/2018 12:44 AM

Reached 240000VR!


Spoilers· 09/22/2018 11:57 PM

It's been one year since I've started playing Breath of the Wild! Little did I know I'd become addicted to it! Where did time go and what have I been doing with my life? XP


09/23/2018 06:42 AM

What you did with your Life ? You used it wisely to enjoy a good Game

A Guy Named Chris

Spoilers· 09/22/2018 06:54 PM

Everyone:Angry over Nintendo Switch Online


Spoilers· 09/22/2018 02:26 PM

I know this sounds very asinine and stupid but

what if they port TF2 on the Switch?

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Spoilers· Edited· 09/22/2018 12:08 AM

Am I the only one that thinks its weird that Fortnite is the only online game that was NOT affected by Nintendo Switch Online?

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09/22/2018 02:24 PM

The part that sucks about Fortnite for the Switch is that you can no longer capture 30 second replays. Only screenshots.


Spoilers· Edited· 09/21/2018 09:20 PM

I'm having fun on the paid online service it's so good!


Spoilers· 09/21/2018 02:27 AM

I was excited when this appeared on the e-Shop. But, when I saw this news, it pretty much pissed me off. I have to work during all the timeframes and it sucks!


Spoilers· 09/19/2018 01:04 AM

Now is my last time I will play this game with free online (but definitely not my last time playing this game in general).

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09/19/2018 12:32 PM

Ah, I see. That was my mistake.


Spoilers· 09/18/2018 07:54 PM

I think that the paid online service starts today I'm so excited!

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09/20/2018 12:33 PM

Plus a Switch is easier to take with you and play games than an NES.


Spoilers· 09/18/2018 01:55 AM

Well, paid internet starts tomorrow. At least I was able to get a pretty decent power in Tower Control over the weekend. After that one week trial though, I have no idea how long it’ll be until I p...

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09/18/2018 08:43 PM

@PSI Seven I did, but I didn’t have it done. It is now though. Here’s the link: https://aminoapps.com/c/nintendo/page/blog/why-nintendos-online-looks-awful/bLzY_xBcouBN1RmPxxQLwBd85qwleQxdpk


Spoilers· 09/16/2018 09:29 PM

Reached 230000VR!

Fake Vango

09/18/2018 10:00 AM

Due to a lack of popularity and complaints Closed.pizza (aka Closedverse) will be closing on May21st at 5:04:37


Spoilers· 09/15/2018 06:39 PM

Mirror Leaf Cup Completed!

The Biggie G.

Spoilers· 09/15/2018 06:18 PM

Did all of you enjoyed the Direct?

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09/15/2018 07:01 PM

Just joined LOL


Spoilers· 09/15/2018 06:09 PM

Nice! The Mirror Star Cup is now completed!


Spoilers· 09/14/2018 07:22 PM

Nintendo direct was fun yesterday!