Spoilers· 2 days ago

Mirror Egg Cup completed!


Spoilers· 2 days ago

What's your best combo for MK8DX? mine is Wario + Streetle + Roller wheels + Gold Glider


Spoilers· 3 days ago

Mirror Lightning Cup completed!


Spoilers· 09/21/2018 12:54 PM

one time i played MK8DX with XUserX, Doivan and 7$mite and motherfucker super horned my ass and got last place


Spoilers· 09/21/2018 12:51 PM

hey look this place is back


Spoilers· 09/20/2018 04:24 PM

Finally, the game's playable. Why is it pairing me with voice chat randos tho? This one guy keeps trying to initiate VC and I really don't want this. They can't hear me if I keep the app closed right?


09/20/2018 07:36 PM

they would only hear you if you open the app and join the voice chat


Spoilers· 09/19/2018 06:00 PM

I'm already kinda bored without Switch online tbh


Spoilers· 09/18/2018 07:58 PM

Best community ever!


Spoilers· 09/18/2018 06:56 PM

Mirror Special Cup completed!


09/18/2018 08:00 PM

Do you know if the AO★ Clan still exist?

Roy’s Cake Reciever

Spoilers· 09/18/2018 02:47 PM

These broken images are killing me

Zachary (ZacharyGamer4791)

Spoilers· 09/17/2018 07:57 PM

What is your favorite Mario Kart game?

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3 days ago

Mario Kart Wii, by far.


Spoilers· 09/15/2018 11:38 AM

That race was fun!

🍃🍂🍁Fall JoshM.(21)🍁🍂🍃

09/15/2018 06:07 PM

*Thinks about the Koopalings & Bowser Jr., whenever it comes to Mario Kart 8/Mario Kart 8 Deluxe*


Spoilers· 09/14/2018 02:12 PM

I done 3 drawings in 1 drawing for the top 3 winners in my Kart Olympics tournament. 😃

Fake Vango

09/18/2018 09:56 AM

Due to a lack of popularity and complaints (aka Closedverse) will be closing on May21st at 5:04:37


Spoilers· 09/13/2018 08:56 PM

Mirror Banana Cup completed!


Spoilers· 09/12/2018 07:56 PM

Mirror Flower Cup completed!

Zockerin Fine

Spoilers· 09/10/2018 04:46 PM

That's so right xD


Spoilers· 09/09/2018 01:08 PM

Great race!


Spoilers· 09/08/2018 08:07 PM

Mirror Shell Cup completed!


Spoilers· 09/07/2018 04:08 AM

I'm so happy this place is back man.


Spoilers· 09/06/2018 09:50 PM

Mirror Mushroom Cup completed!


Spoilers· Edited· 09/06/2018 08:58 PM

Yes! All of the 150cc cups are officially completed! Now time to move on to the mirror cups!

Zockerin Fine

Spoilers· 09/06/2018 04:38 PM

Rip Life and sad Moment xD

🍂 Monty 🍂

Spoilers· Edited· 09/06/2018 06:17 AM

Hey, this community is back. Also, it needs to have a new banner.

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🍃🍂🍁Fall JoshM.(21)🍁🍂🍃

09/09/2018 10:19 AM

Awesome! Also, I wonder what the New Banner is gonna be, when the New Banner gets inserted into this Community. 🤔


Spoilers· 09/05/2018 01:28 AM

Nice to have a community of my favorite game franchise return.


09/05/2018 01:30 AM

I love this community


Spoilers· 05/04/2018 07:08 PM

Damn, I happy to see that almost everyone I appreciated on miiverse is now here! If you remember me from miiverse or MK8U feel free to send me a friend request here, I will accept without hesitatio...

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— N A T H A N M K 8 —

05/04/2018 09:19 PM

Hello, i think ive seen you on MK8U before, whats your NNID?


Spoilers· 05/04/2018 08:15 AM

My Sunset on a Sunday (My MK8D Tournament) 1 year Anniversary Drawing!


Spoilers· 05/04/2018 12:34 AM

The golden age of pain has started.


Spoilers· 05/03/2018 06:11 PM

Oh yeah! Another victory for me!

(∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆゚. * ・ 。゚, Fissin

Spoilers· 05/02/2018 06:16 PM


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05/03/2018 03:30 PM

Well this place is ruined now


Spoilers· 05/01/2018 11:44 PM

First cup done!


Spoilers· 05/01/2018 11:11 PM

This game is quite hard but I finally unlocked Mirror Mode on this game! This will be even harder.

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05/03/2018 05:38 PM

1996? I always thought Mario Kart 64 was from 1997

🍂 Monty 🍂

Spoilers· Edited· 05/01/2018 03:40 PM

That death stare tho.

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05/02/2018 05:21 AM

That Mario stare tho. :P


Spoilers· 05/01/2018 02:02 AM

Are there any "fun" players on Mario Kart 8 U?
Or are they all playing custom tracks?

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— N A T H A N M K 8 —

05/03/2018 07:04 PM

Well i play MK8 U alot. And ive met very fun people over the years. But theres very few nowadays.

🍂 Monty 🍂

Spoilers· 04/30/2018 08:34 AM

It was MK8DX's 1st Anniversary since yesterday!


Spoilers· 04/30/2018 07:36 AM

Happy 1st Anniversary To MK8 Deluxe!!! :D

As of two days ago on Saturday, April 28th, 2018, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Nintendo officially turned its first year old!

Now this personally is m...

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05/01/2018 08:45 AM

Heyllo buddy!

Zachary (ZacharyGamer4791)

Spoilers· 04/30/2018 06:31 AM

Yesterday, it was MK8D’s 1st Birthday!


Spoilers· 04/28/2018 06:04 PM

Reached 130000VR on the 1st anniversary of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe!

⇒Zack YT

04/30/2018 06:41 AM

Why is there 2 thunder ca’s?


Spoilers· 04/28/2018 11:15 AM

Well, I'm finally done with the Single Player in this game. Now I just have to wait for my flashcart to come and then conquer MKDS Wiimmfi. Wait, was there actually MKDS Wiimmfi? I kinda forgot.

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09/14/2018 07:36 AM

Why did JoshM like my comment? This post is nearly 5 months old.


Spoilers· 04/27/2018 06:55 PM

Certainly enjoyed that race!


Spoilers· 04/27/2018 02:02 PM

When I take racing seriously.

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04/29/2018 10:02 PM

Well raced. You're good. I like the innocent Larry Koopa drawing, it fits to the video.

17 Gigs of Violent Ken

Spoilers· Edited· 04/26/2018 09:34 PM

When the players right behind you and in front of you get better items.

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⇒Zack YT

04/30/2018 06:44 AM

Drawed in 2012 when miiverse was still around?

RU новв

Spoilers· 04/26/2018 12:52 AM

Sub but not BKT anymore because Alberto is too fast

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Spoilers· 04/24/2018 05:16 PM

My top 10 best vehicles

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Spoilers· 04/23/2018 01:35 PM

Guys, Mario Kart should be played like this, hahaha! xDD

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Spoilers· 04/23/2018 01:34 PM

Does it still show up online if you complete the Game with 3 Stars on every Cup in Mk8D? I think this was a thing in older games

— N A T H A N M K 8 —

Spoilers· 04/22/2018 03:25 PM

Guys does anyone here play MKWii on Wiimm?
If so please gimme your FC.

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Spoilers· 04/22/2018 09:23 AM

That was a fun race!

🍃🍂🍁Fall JoshM.(21)🍁🍂🍃

1 day ago

Morton looks happy though or so. I wonder how RunneR, RK, & Ludwig would react to this though. 🤔

RU новв

Spoilers· 04/21/2018 07:09 PM

Lap 2 wow