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Today is my birthday. Yes, blows, Ben a party, candles, gifts and so on.

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Spoilers· 04/15/2018 11:18 PM

What if Pit told Dad Jokes?


Spoilers· 04/13/2018 11:13 PM

Ah, remember spamming Dark Pit stuff on Miiverse. Good 'ol times^^

Maybe I should do it again. I mean... He actually is my number one "husbando" and 2nd favourite video game character so there i...

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04/17/2018 03:33 PM

Of all the things someone could possibly spam, Dark Pit is definitely one of the better things.


Spoilers· 04/11/2018 06:22 PM

Do you seriously spend over 40 hours (not minutes) a week playing video games? Can't tell if you're joking. If not then... wow. The only game I could play for 40 hours is nfl 18 and that's because ...

Hunt 🍋

Spoilers· 04/11/2018 01:29 AM

Here's a good morsel of a Kid Icarus meme for you people


Spoilers· 04/06/2018 01:40 AM

If Kid Icarus 4 happens, what would it be about?

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04/13/2018 11:38 PM

It’d probably be about Viridi.


Spoilers· 04/03/2018 10:09 PM

Riding the Tatsu ride at Six Flags is probably the closest you'll get to the feeling of flying that Pit/Pittoo may experience.

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04/15/2018 10:42 PM

Seriously, STOP calling me that!


Spoilers· 04/01/2018 07:40 PM


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04/06/2018 12:25 AM

"What is this, everyone pick on Pit day?!"


Spoilers· 04/01/2018 02:27 PM

Fourth moon: 4d 61 6b 65 20 61 20 70 6f 73 74 20 74 6f 20 74 68 65 20 61 6e 79 74 68 69 6e 67 20 67 6f 65 73 20 63 6f 6d 6d 75 6e 69 74 79 20 61 64 76 65 72 74 69 73 69 6e 67 20 74 68 69 73 20 6d 6...

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Spoilers· 03/30/2018 12:36 AM


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Spoilers· 03/28/2018 07:42 PM

According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way an angel should be able to fly.
Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground.
The angel, of course, flies anyway beca...


Spoilers· 03/26/2018 11:42 PM

>The fact that the original Miiverse community never bringed back the use of screenshots.


Spoilers· 03/24/2018 02:51 AM

So I found this today. I liked their design.

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03/24/2018 03:14 AM

How to unlock Pit from Kid Icarus in Fire Emblem: Fates incoming.


Spoilers· 03/23/2018 11:22 PM

I feel old.

AJ(Nintendo male's princess)

03/25/2018 11:31 PM

I hope another Kid Icarus gsme comes out


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Spoilers· 03/22/2018 10:13 PM

I know this community isn’t very active now, but it’s the sixth anniversary of Kid Icarus: Uprising today so here’s a (bad) drawing I made in celebration!


Spoilers· 03/19/2018 11:22 PM

Yeah if you can hear this image.

magma (h)

Spoilers· 03/15/2018 02:01 PM

i still have yet to 100% uprising and i've played it for over 400 hours

i'm just missing a few more hades's treasure hunt challenges which includes getting all the powers including together mode...


03/16/2018 09:45 AM

I feel you. I'be been stuck at 99% completion for the past 100 hours of play time. The game makes me feel like I'm in limbo.

Rick is not pleased

Spoilers· 03/14/2018 10:25 PM

I don't know what's deader, this community or the game series this community is based on



Spoilers· 03/10/2018 11:21 PM

Am I the only one who wants Dark Pit to return in Smash 5? He just needs a few moves different from Pit's.


Spoilers· 03/08/2018 09:35 PM

Anyone want to liven up the community by sharing weapon builds?

ToonZach likes Cats

Spoilers· 03/05/2018 10:35 PM

May as well post this here too because this community needs more love.

"Hey, Pit! Enjoy your future! It's gonna be great!"


03/07/2018 07:11 PM

Kid Icarus Generations 10/10 would play

✨Zzz t✨

Spoilers· 03/04/2018 06:59 AM

I found this image and it's great

Dylan, The Odd One

03/04/2018 07:45 PM

This looks like something by Gio.

magma (h)

Spoilers· 02/19/2018 03:16 AM



Spoilers· 02/13/2018 07:37 PM

i love kid larcus

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Spoilers· 02/10/2018 02:32 PM

Evil Pit.


Spoilers· 02/10/2018 02:29 PM

Pit vs Hades at the end of the chapter.

Hunt 🍋

Spoilers· 02/08/2018 02:19 AM

No one this month has posted on this community yet
This community is as dead as the series

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Mr. Sushi

03/02/2018 08:58 AM

Well I mean, what else is there to say about the game that hasn't already been said?

Monty hates drama

Spoilers· 01/30/2018 02:27 PM

"Where's Your Goddess Now?!"


Spoilers· 01/26/2018 07:32 PM


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01/27/2018 03:33 PM

As a bayonetta main it's awesome

magma (h)

Spoilers· 01/22/2018 04:25 PM

yes good community uprising is criminally underrated


Spoilers· Edited· 01/21/2018 02:46 AM

Lol I don’t even play KI but I can already tell that that is a bland description for a community


Spoilers· 01/20/2018 03:54 PM

Should I get Kid Icarus: Uprising?

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01/20/2018 06:10 PM

I suggest looking for it on the E-Shop, since, as you mentioned, it'll be hard to find it since it released in 2012.


Spoilers· 01/18/2018 01:27 AM

Blessed image


Spoilers· 01/17/2018 05:07 PM

This game is so fucking good


Spoilers· 01/16/2018 07:24 AM

Pit before death

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03/11/2018 12:28 AM

Hey, at least he still does a decent performance.

Monty hates drama

Spoilers· 01/15/2018 09:34 PM

Pit: That all you've got?


01/15/2018 09:57 PM

That was easy.


Spoilers· 01/15/2018 07:00 PM

Nooone uses ghis community so its mine now !!!!!1!!11!!!1 >:(


Spoilers· 01/13/2018 10:53 AM

Pit is so great that just one Pit wasnt enough.
No, we needed a second Pit, Pittoo.

Dark pit

01/15/2018 08:10 AM

Why thank thee

ToonZach likes Cats

Spoilers· 01/09/2018 09:04 PM

When a fan project is the closest you're going to get to another game from a franchise that you love.


Spoilers· 01/09/2018 08:47 PM


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Dark pit

01/16/2018 05:15 AM

Should i be insulted!?


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Spoilers· 01/05/2018 08:52 PM

L'armée du ciel.

Monty hates drama

Spoilers· 01/05/2018 11:34 AM

Dark Pit: Game on!


Spoilers· 01/05/2018 03:07 AM

Why did Nintendo make this religious game?

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01/17/2018 01:34 PM

Obvious troll is obvious.

Hunt 🍋

Spoilers· 01/04/2018 02:01 AM

Why can't Icarus fly?


Spoilers· 01/03/2018 12:11 AM

we need a need kid game