Spoilers· 11/15/2018 11:25 PM

Is Lizardman still in SCVI?


Spoilers· 10/29/2018 10:03 PM


17 tabs of TV Tropes

Spoilers· 10/25/2018 07:48 AM

madden '08 2

A Tsunami Has Gone To Indigo

Spoilers· 10/24/2018 12:18 PM

I'm currently working on masturbation simulator.
It uses similar technology to the recent sen kagura.
There are difficulty levels ranging from HARD - Vagene
There are no sfx.

sand undertable

Spoilers· 10/13/2018 09:36 AM

im making fortnite 2
whenever you play it your virginity comes back and you keep it forever
oh wait thats fortnite 1

Bunnehs is a Nopon

Spoilers· 10/09/2018 04:20 PM

So I came with a new idea for dungeon 3 of Jenny Bunny Quest, since it's the only dungeon without something really unique about it.
(1 is just a tutorial dungeon, so it doesn't need much, 2 has t...

Bunnehs is a Nopon

Spoilers· 10/09/2018 04:11 PM

Would it be okay if I posted about my Ludosity fangame here? Would anybody care?


Spoilers· 10/05/2018 06:47 PM

Anyone who wants to see an English dub happen when the switch version of BlazBlue Central Fiction comes out, click on the yeah post

Jarvi Sosigonal Sawcon Kordi

Spoilers· 09/29/2018 09:44 AM

I am making New Super Bowsette U.
You can play as Bowsette, Boosette, Chompette, Golden Chompette, who is invincible, and now, O'Chunksette, who automatically deletes the game


10/23/2018 09:57 AM

it's Queen Boo, a-thank ya very much.


Spoilers· 09/27/2018 02:52 AM

I'm making undertale 2


Spoilers· 09/26/2018 07:17 PM

Thoughts about SoulCalibur VI?

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10/30/2018 08:17 PM

The game, obviously.

Edge Enthusiast

Spoilers· 09/19/2018 04:45 AM

(Insert Scratch project here)


Spoilers· 09/16/2018 03:54 PM

im working on a game called YOUR MUM

BlueOcto is at 🌴

Spoilers· 09/15/2018 07:06 AM

What is there to say about the Beta 4 release of Subpar Closedverse 64? Not a whole lot, actually. Much of the same, really, but it's just another day for everyone's (least) favorite BlueLuigi.


Chancellor Joe

Spoilers· 09/14/2018 10:18 PM

Pretty cool alpha for a Sonic Metroidvania I'm making. It's using somebody else's engine, I don't remember who, but credit for the engine goes to them.


Spoilers· 09/14/2018 09:28 PM

I took a sprite from the spriters resource and edited it to fit a character idea I have.
It is different enought?

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Cheez (Inactive)

09/14/2018 10:09 PM

They look pretty different


Spoilers· 09/09/2018 06:32 PM

wish i could make some kind of game with this


09/14/2018 11:23 PM

You can in Scratch, just cut the pictures so they have no backgrounds and use them there.


Spoilers· 08/31/2018 01:10 PM

My short review for Azure Striker Gunvolt 1 (3DS) This game is Mega Man Zero, but with anime covered over it. Gameplay: gameplay in the original Gunvolt is fun and tagging and zapping enemies...


Spoilers· 08/29/2018 06:22 PM

I'm going to make my first game.

If anyone gives a shit it's going to be like Jet Set Radio in terms of art direction and weapons so stay tuned if you like graffiti looking stuff.


Spoilers· 08/29/2018 03:23 PM

So because "WHY NOT", I'll make a last, probably long information post about Pokémon Toast.
So yesterday, I decided to stop advertising the game here on closedverse and cancelled it's releas...


Spoilers· 08/17/2018 03:48 AM (handwritten)


Spoilers· 08/17/2018 03:46 AM

love super smash bros


Spoilers· 08/15/2018 07:25 PM



09/16/2018 03:55 PM

oh hey mii how ya doin


Spoilers· 08/14/2018 09:24 PM

have a peek at a project i'm doing


09/12/2018 03:32 AM

this is just mugen. not your own game.

BlueOcto is at 🌴

Spoilers· 08/13/2018 07:50 PM

PSA about submitting changes to mission names / dialogue:

each kind of text can only have so many letters. What I mean by this is that all the missions have a shared character limit, all the lev...

The Real PinkLatias

Spoilers· 08/10/2018 08:43 PM

Super Smash Sisters is the best fighting game


08/11/2018 02:50 AM

Mini Smash Sisters is cute

BlueOcto is at 🌴

Spoilers· 07/27/2018 03:36 AM

Did you look at the previous release of Subpar Closedverse 64 and say, "god that game is awful"? If you did, you're correct, but that won't stop the Beta 3 release from being any worse. What's n...

BlueOcto is at 🌴

Spoilers· 07/01/2018 06:03 PM

The first public release of Subpar Closedverse 64 is ready!
What's in this awful excuse of a hack?

- Unholy amounts of images gathered from users of this very site, thrown together to replace l...

Miiverse Gold

Spoilers· 06/16/2018 05:56 PM

Bet you can't guess what I'm excited for

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09/15/2018 01:25 AM

Oh dios mio -> Oh my god (in spanish) lol

Dick "David" Dale

Spoilers· 06/12/2018 03:24 AM

I'm excited for but also dreading the new Wolf Among Us game. It could be good but Telltale has only two good games in their entire catalouge.


Spoilers· 05/30/2018 05:53 PM

Yet again, a stupid, useless announcement of me cancelling some shit regarding my shitty Pokémon game thats named after some type of food aka the-most-terrible-game-ever-made. Pokémon Toast second ...

BlueOcto is at 🌴

Spoilers· 05/21/2018 02:07 AM

I've been working on this for a while now, and I guess I might as well post something about it here.

I'm working on a 'romhack' for Super Mario 64 called "Subpar What The ClusterMindFuck Ultimat...

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Spoilers· 05/19/2018 06:10 AM

hi check out sonic and the phantom dimensions
made by shadow aka shadash

Mike Rotch

Spoilers· 05/17/2018 06:40 PM

Hey guys I’m releasing SuperMarioLogan kssoosisid

inkling boi

Spoilers· 05/13/2018 09:47 PM



Spoilers· 05/10/2018 08:05 AM

Is no one excited for bumbo?


Spoilers· 05/09/2018 12:56 AM

Can someone help me make an earthbound like rpg

Tohru is fricking cute

Spoilers· 05/07/2018 03:55 PM

Fun fact: Someone in my discord server is working on some RPG which looks really cool so far


Spoilers· 05/05/2018 06:15 PM

Pokémon Toast - Second Chapter
Hi. It has already been a while since I announced the last real thing, but here is the latest news: Pokémon Toast - Second Chapter!
The Second Chapter of Pokémon To...

iced t

Spoilers· 05/02/2018 09:58 AM

I am currently working on a Sonic 2 rom hack. It'll just be a layout hack with no new major features and maybe some palette swaps and Zones with new names.

Johnathon Hills

Spoilers· 04/28/2018 11:56 PM

A demo for Miiverse SE has been released!

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05/09/2018 12:58 AM

How did you make it


Spoilers· 04/28/2018 08:35 PM

One of my favourite mods for TF2 has been updated, and it's Wallamoose's TF2TIP reconstruction.


Spoilers· 04/27/2018 08:04 AM

current WIP of the main menu for my game.
(Two things have been blurred out, to not spoil anything)

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05/04/2018 06:37 PM

If it comes to it, you could use my older mii. It has simpler hair. (This is the best screenshot of it I could find)

Andrew P.

Spoilers· 04/27/2018 01:22 AM

Making a new visual novel game, and have created a DEMO version. The DEMO version was for my school project. Comment if you have questions or comments!

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04/27/2018 01:32 AM

Weird but hey what visual novel isn't Seems pretty cool


Spoilers· 04/25/2018 05:07 PM

I'm working on a game inspired by LSD Dream Emulator, but it's mainly revolved around emotion, and weird thoughts. (Logo to be revealed soon.)


Spoilers· 04/24/2018 05:04 PM


Okay so i'm putting Kirby and the Star Rod on the side for about a month or two to have time to work on my Pokemon Rom Hack titled ´Pokemon Cannibal Edition´. I will show ...


Spoilers· 04/20/2018 05:00 PM

Again, I don't know if you care or not but anyways I'm just gonna post this now.
I will probably delay Pokémon Toast because of reasons like school (> my previous post explains it), though this we...


Spoilers· 04/18/2018 04:25 PM

The development of Pokémon Toast goes really slow right now because I'm currently learning C# and I also have other stuff to do like school. So I'm not sure if I can release it in summer 2018, I mi...

Johnathon Hills

Spoilers· 04/16/2018 01:40 AM

Miiverse SE Update: The Hylian Dam dungeon has finally been completed bar a few enemies that will be implemented later in the development of it. For now, the Brogre Army faces a much more dangerous...

Johnathon Hills

Spoilers· 04/13/2018 02:23 AM

Hey would anybody be interested in assisting me with development of Miiverse SE, such as plot advice alongside OST selection

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