Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hey there! If you have any questions about Closedverse, this page aims to answer them.

Openverse? Closedverse? What's this?

The codename is Closedverse. It was meant to be a parody of Openverse, because Openverse used to suck. This is now Openverse though, because we had about 900 users until we realized the name really sucked. OR AT LEAST IT WOULD BE. We tried to re-brand this to Openverse again, but more people were actually used to the Closedverse name. Eh. Maybe we'll try again.

Something's wrong (or I want to ask a question for this)

Well then, no worries, you can instantly make a bug report or a suggestion via the Feedback button in your User Menu (top right corner). Enjoy!

I did something, but it didn't actually do it.

If you perform an action (Yeah a post, edit a post, delete a post, follow/unfollow someone, change profile settings, etc..) but, even after refreshing, it appears that nothing has happened, then something has gone wrong.
This site does not return errors if there is an error (example, if you Yeah your own post on Miiverse, the server tells you that you cannot do that, however this one just tells you that it was successful), so if this happens, then something is wrong.
If you're either confused or sure this isn't a problem on your side, let me know and I'll look into it.

I did something, but then it suddenly reverted itself, but then I refreshed and it did what I intended it to do.

If you edit a post, set a post as a favorite, send a friend request, etc. and then it appears that didn't go through but refreshing the page makes the changes, this means that my database is slow.
I don't expect this to happen much, but at times, the database can pretend to be finished when it's not, your browser could refresh after an action, and the database still isn't done.
Again, this is only a problem I've been encountering on my development server, so I don't expect this to be a thing here.

Can I delete my account?

No. If you need to delete one by emergency though, contact me.
The reason is kinda simple: it's like a domino effect if I delete your account, if I delete your account, then your profile, posts, comments, messages, friendships, follows, etc. are deleted. Obviously, that should be so, but I don't have a "fake deletion" system like Miiverse does, if it's deleted, then it's GONE forever, bye-bye, see ya.
I might make it a thing in the future though.

I don't like my username, can you give me another one?

I can do that, but there's one catch: if you change your username, all of your content is still there, but the URL to your user page won't be the same.
So, I can do this, but not often. Just let me know what's up and I'll do it.

I'm not getting emails when resetting my password.

Sorry, I don't know what to do when that happens. Of course, you should check your spam folder, since I'm not using my own host and am using PF2M's because his is easier to manage.
Again, contact me/us.

Are there any limits? Post limit, comment limit, friend limit, follow limit..

The only limit that's here is a posting time limit, and it's the same as Miiverse's, its only purpose is to prevent spam. Other than that, there isn't a limit on friends you can have, and there isn't a limit on how many people you can follow.. yet. Keep in mind: limits are not just simply set, they have to actually be implemented. If there can be an amount of something, it probably isn't limited.

How do I set a custom avatar?

To do that, you need a Gravatar account. Gravatar lets sites automatically get an avatar from an e-mail address registered on Gravatar.
So, first, register for Gravatar on their site. Yes, you need a WordPress account, but you might find more sites that use Gravatar.
After you have that set up, your avatar won't instantly update, you have to go into Profile Settings and select (or re-select) your avatar as a Gravatar, then actually that's it.
GIFs may or may not work. I'm not sure. I don't like them anyway, so yeah.

How do I disable yeah notifs?

Go into your Account Settings in your user menu (the menu icon thing) and do it there. That simple.

Less question-y questions

Ew, why are you using reCAPTCHA?

Sorry, but we have to.

What's with the Splatoon loading animation? It looks stupid.

I thought it looked good enough. It doesn't appear on mobile if you're using a smaller device (iPhone 5, etc.), so you're not going to know what this is talking about if you're using that.

Haha, now where's my Markdown?

Sorry, but I just haven't been able to make it happen. Discord's Markdown is really just fake Markdown, as it has lots more to it: headings, images, links, paragraphs, you get the idea. All of the implementations of Markdown in Python have either all of that or nothing.
There is really Markdown, but it's in Messages, which is why one line break now looks like a space in messages.
Again, sorry. If anyone could find a good enough text formatting implementation that works in Django, let me know.

The color looks ugly.

Sorry, but the dark black theme was too dark.

Your logo looks ugly.

If you can make a better one, let me know.

Closedverse? What?

Yes, that's the name I'm using.

This entire thing was supposed to be an Openverse parody and was meant to be made completely and entirely made from when PF2M closed Openverse to now in a span of a few weeks, but I did not get that done in time thanks to school, PF2M was informed beforehand and didn't want to work on Openverse any more after his knowing of this. Oh well.

What's wrong with the other 4 Miiverse clones? There are 5 now!

There are indeed now 5 Miiverse clones. There are, though, major and minor problems with each of them, which I will list without any bias.


  • This was the "first" Miiverse clone, starting in January 2017 by PF2M.
  • One of the biggest problems, if not one of the only problems is that it was made with really naive and not so great programming.
  • The result is that Openverse was really hard to develop for, and didn't deviate much from Miiverse anyway.
  • The only real unique features that Miiverse didn't have are post editing, custom avatars, and drawing.
  • Also, it wasn't (meant to be) open-source, which was its original "purpose" from the beginning?
  • Grape was really not meant for people or cared for people, it was more of a "Miiverse emulation".
  • It wasn't even great at being a Miiverse emulation anyway since there were so many features that weren't like Miiverse, and basically no new features.
  • It did have more features than Openverse and had slightly better programming, but still not good programming.
  • It's completely dead now, if it ever was alive.
  • Also, bad users.
  • Made from the ashes of Grape's programming style. Slightly better programming, easier to develop for but still not to modify.
  • However, there's just something not right about Eric and Seth's collaboration on this.
  • It's really lackluster and reinvents the wheel when it doesn't need to. Lacks features that Miiverse has but implements useless ones.
  • Not open-source, and slow to develop for as always. Also, narcissism.
Miiverse 2.0
  • I can't really complain about this one since it's not finished. But, it's still in PHP, which is a language that kind of encourages un-good programming styles. All of the previous Miiverse clones were in PHP.

What are the advantages of this one?

I'll list what deviates this from the other Miiverse clones.

  • I think this is the only Miiverse clone not written in PHP. This is written in Python and uses the Django framework, and Django is a framework for crazy fast development with the best programming.
  • There are pretty much no worries about bad programming. Closedverse doesn't have much of the naive programming practices other naive PHP clones have, and it also works completely around much of average security worries (SQL injection; we have not written any SQL, XSS; we are automatically escaping and templating, CSRF; it's handled automatically in Django)
  • Why would you care? Well, this is now easy to develop for, I can add features quickly and nicely. It's also secure, there isn't any chance someone can put something into a box and control the database (SQL injections)
  • Yes, this doesn't have many features at the moment, but I'm working to really deviate from Miiverse, such as supporting Markdown and having friends, but also improving upon most of what PF2M had originally intended to do but couldn't.
  • This is an open-source project! Anyone can view the code that runs this very site and make improvements if they wanted to. I don't have anything to hide.