Login help

I made this page because I had way too many people emailing me complaining that they couldn't log in.

It says that my user doesn't exist, but it does.

Have you turned on email only login? It can only be on if you have an email address, so if you don't have one, it isn't on.
If it is on, please try logging in with your email address. Thank you.

I forgot my password and I don't have an email address.

In this case, the only solution is to contact an admin and they will most probably give you a password reset link.

I'm getting "Your password must be reset"?

This means that your password must be reset. Reset it via email, or ask an admin to reset it. In most cases, an admin has emailed you a password reset link.

i"m bEinG hAcKeD!!!!!!!!!!

If others are in your account, no worry, when you change your password, everyone gets logged out.
Unless your email was changed or you don't have one, in that case, contact an admin and they will help you ASAP.

You should use a random password and keep it in your notes or something. In most cases, public user accounts are made due to one character passwords. Please do not use one character passwords.
If you don't think your password is secure, but your e-mail address is secure, you can choose to have your account only be logged into via your email address, so that nobody can go into your account with your public username and try it.