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05/05/2018 06:15 PM ·Spoilers

Pokémon Toast - Second Chapter
Hi. It has already been a while since I announced the last real thing, but here is the latest news: Pokémon Toast - Second Chapter!
The Second Chapter of Pokémon Toast is a continuation of the story of Pokémon Toast. It's a seperate game, released at the same time when the first Chapter releases. It tells the story of the player and their rivals, some years after the first game. The biggest difference is that the Second Chapter will be much deeper and more serious than the first one. The time after the first chapter is full of violence and bad things, and you as the player have to fix this and save the region. More information on the Second Chapter will be revealed soon. Thanks for reading! I attatched the Title of Toast and it's updated version used in the Second Chapter.


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