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11/15/2017 06:59 PM ·Spoilers · Edited (11/15/2017 07:31 PM)

Closedverse Community Wave 3 is finally here! Here's a quick list of the changes made.
• New communities: Nintendo Switch Community, Sonic Community, Animal Crossing Community, Minecraft Community and Fire Emblem Community.
• Removed the Banama Club community, it wasn't really useful for much anyways.
• The Nico Yazawa Community is now a general Love Live! discussion community.
• Renamed the Panama Club to just a general Wii Sports Club Community.
• Redid the icon and banner for the France community, because Arian didn't put any gradient on the icon and messed up the colors on the banner. Also made a minor description redundancy change to avoid redundancy.
• Updated the Super Mario Odyssey Community's description to reflect its release.
That's about all, thanks for reading.
Edit: Also, I just moved the Pokemon and Kirby communities to the game category.


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