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05/21/2018 02:07 AM 路Spoilers

I've been working on this for a while now, and I guess I might as well post something about it here.

I'm working on a 'romhack' for Super Mario 64 called "Subpar What The ClusterMindFuck Ultimate Random 64 Repainted Featuring Twiligravity from the Arian May Cry Series", or simply Subpar Closedverse 64 if you want the short version.

All it does is replace most (or, if I'm lucky) all of the textures as well as some of the level/world names in the game with images I've received from users on this very site.

Anyone can contribute images if they want and there's no real limitations on what I've been adding, so feel free to add something you'd like to see in this by commenting.

- Notice: there's no guarantee your image will be discernible among the rest of this meme hell. Light effect replacements, for example, are impossible to figure out.)


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