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05/24/2018 10:04 PM ·Spoilers

Wait so does this site still uses Miis from 3DS/Wii U or can I change it online now.


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  • there is no support for actual My Nintendo Miis at the moment sadly, just these ones

    but if I MAKE THE FUCKING CONVERTER FOR THIS ALREADY we can make NNIDs with these Miis on request
  • tartar sauce
  • i will make the converter along with Closedverse 3 and fifty other things tomorrow when I finish school and this essay, I only have 2/5 paragraphs done and it's been 4 hours
  • You can use 3ds/wii u but they take forever 2 update XD
    BTW will the online mii maker be able 2 link 2 here?

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