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05/25/2018 02:45 PM ·Spoilers

The entire potential Mario Tennis Aces roster has been revealed!

The characters are:
-Donkey Kong
-Bowser Jr.
-Dry Bowser
-Diddy Kong
-Koopa Troopa
-Koopa Paratroopa
-Shy Guy
-Chain Chomp
-Boom Boom
-Dry Bones

This is has to be one of the best character lineups of any Mario spinoff ever! And best of all... NO PINK GOLD PEACH!


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  • I'm kind of bummed out that the Koopalings couldn't make it, but definitely glad PGP didn't make the cut.
  • Eh... no offense, but unless DLC rolls around, I'm perfectly fine that the Koopalings aren't playable in this game since they've already been in nearly every Mario spinoff as of late. It probably was about time they took a backseat.
  • I see your point there.
  • Haven’t seen a much better mario roster since Mario Baseball on GameCube. And Blooper’s in it too??? Very interesting.
  • Darn, no Luma? :(
  • I saw the list of the full roster as well. Nintendo is really going all out with the game. I know it’s datamined but for real, I’m starting to love Mario Tennis Aces. :)
  • Damn dude that is one HUGE roster! And what a lineup, you got the main Mario characters and then you got the surprise characters like Spike and Chain Chomp.

    As much as I love Waluigi I just gotta main Chain Chomp, it’s a CHAIN CHOMP playing TENNIS, how could I not?

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