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05/26/2018 09:02 AM ·Spoilers

Heyllo Everyone And Welcome To Round Three Of This SMO Tournament!

Okay so I am too lazy to list out all of the rules but basically they are all listed on this post right here, ( For this round our 12 contestants will be racing in Snow Kingdom for the fastest time.

The deadline for this round will be at 12:00PM (Arizona Time) on Tuesday, May 29th. So just about 82 hours until then...

Also if any of you are wondering when this tournament will finally end, I have changed the estimated end date from June 1st-2nd to June 4th-5th. That means that we still have over a week until that date comes and we are about at the halfway mark of this tourney.

Also one last thing. If you are participating in this tournament, please comment on this post for notifications ASAP. It really does help and will keep you in the know for what is happening in the competition. Any questions...???

You all may submit your times... NOW!!!


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  • Comment for notifs. Hopefully I remember to post my times in time this time.
  • 21 hours left...
  • Well, it only took about 20 minutes to get a time that I was satisfied with.
    I beat my months old record by 0.5 seconds XD
  • @RunneR: Okay nice, I got it! :)

    6 Down; 6 To Go!

    Only 12 hours remain to submit. Make sure to send in your final times by then if you need to guys...
  • Here is my second submission.

    I would have spent more time on this but I'm out of time and submissions.
  • Here's my time
  • Okay guys time is up and the results are now in for Round Three! I know that the deadline was two hours ago but I overslept. My bad, lol. 7 out of the 12 of you submitted for this round, not bad guys. What the funny thing is too, is that this has also happened in both of the previous two rounds, lol. Anyways, here they are! ;D

    @Nickel: Okie. That was your second submission, accepted. :)

    @Leo Luster: Okie. That was your first submission, accepted. :)

    @Cheez: Yeah... ikr. :-(
  • SMO_david™

    05/29/2018 09:32 PM · Edited · Spoilers

    Results for Round Three...

    1st Place: Nickel; "00:15.95" = 15 Points
    2nd Place: Cheez; "00:16.94" = 12 Points
    3rd Place: RunneR; "00:17.30" = 10 Points
    4th Place: Monty; "00:22.14" = 9 Points
    5th Place: PSI Seven; "00:22.23" = 8 Points
    6th Place: Inverse; "00:25.30" = 7 Points
    7th Place: Leo Luster; "00:33.20" = 6 Points
    8th Place: BrandonTM; DNS = 5 Points
    8th Place: MRB; DNS = 5 Points
    8th Place: Chancellor Joe; DNS = 5 Points
    8th Place: Konameme; DNS = 5 Points
    8th Place: Mya; DNS = 5 Points

    DNS = Did Not Submit
  • Current overall tournament standings...

    1st Place: Nickel; 40 Points
    2nd Place: Cheez; 39 Points
    3rd Place: RunneR; 32 Points
    4th Place: Monty; 25 Points
    5th Place: PSI Seven; 24 Points
    6th Place: Inverse; 21 Points
    7th Place: Leo Luster; 18 Points
    8th Place: BrandonTM; 17 Points
    9th Place: MRB; 15 Points
    9th Place: Chancellor Joe; 15 Points
    9th Place: Konameme; 15 Points
    9th Place: Mya; 15 Points

    @BrandonTM: What do you mean? All of these rounds so far have lasted several days each so you would have time to do it in the daytime no matter what time zone you are in.

    Round Four will begin later today so stay tuned for the news on that on this post still. And if anybody has forgot how many rounds there are and what to know, there are five, so we are almost to the end guys so stay strong everyone! ;D
  • RK

    05/29/2018 09:55 PM · Spoilers

    Can I join in a later round?
  • @RK: Sorry but you can't. I used to accept new people in if a contestant wanted to leave the tournament but because that was such a struggle for me to deal with on previous tournaments of mine back on Miiverse, I no longer do that and I just keep everybody in even if they decide to bail out.

    Once I ever do a team based tournament then I will have to otherwise it would leave one team at a disadvantage, but I am still thinking about how all of that would work so expect one of those soon.

    I hope that you can still spectate this tournament though as on Round Five I will be doing a poll that will last through the entire round which will decide what my next tournament will be. You can vote for what you wish my next tournament should be and hopefully could participate in that one when it comes.

    I'm sorry about that... :(
  • RK

    05/29/2018 10:03 PM · Spoilers

    It's fine. Talking about a later tournament if this will continue on.
  • Nickel...

    Okay that is it, round 4 and 5 I’m putting REAL effort into securing a win
  • @Cheez: You go for it man! ;)

    And you're only behind him currently by one point so it shouldn't be too difficult to make a comeback.
  • Okay everyone! Round Four is now ready for you guys to comment on so do it now for notifs! I just set it as my favorite post so you can find it there or here... ;)
  • @RunneR: I don't really mind if you comment on this or any of the other posts that aren't the current round so don't worry about it... ;)

    And yeah, me too. :O
  • What's your time on this
  • @Excition: Currently a 14.40, WR is 12.97. :)

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