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— N A T H A N M K 8 —NateLeSmolBean

05/26/2018 09:03 PM ·Spoilers

Hello guys.
My name is Nathan, but just call me Nate.

But anyways, i'm hosting a MK8 (Wii U) Tournament. If you want to sign up, comment down below your NNID and i will add you as soon as possible.

Information about the tournament:

- No Discord/Skype Needed
- Tournament Will Be Hosted On The 10th July, at 3PM European.
- Only First 12 Players Will Join
- 1st, 2nd, 3rd Will Have A Post In Dedication To Their Win
- All Users Joined Need To Be On My FL
- Most Importantly, Have Fun!

Send me a pm when youve sent me a Friend Request.

Thanks for reading.

- Nate/Nathan


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