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05/30/2018 05:53 PM ·Spoilers

Yet again, a stupid, useless announcement of me cancelling some shit regarding my shitty Pokémon game thats named after some type of food aka the-most-terrible-game-ever-made. Pokémon Toast second chapter is cancelled, etc etc etc. i maybe make it into a game, after """""finishing""""" Pokémon Toast, which I'm absolutely not motivated to do but I want to get this shit done... Who even reads this? I don't know. Expect to see a release date of Pokémon Toast soon, I'll be rushing this piece of shit at the cost of having to cut even more features because I have no time and stuff... I just want to get this done and released.
Long story short: I cancelled second chapter, I'll rush Pokémon Toast now to finally release it.


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