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06/14/2018 12:52 AM ·Spoilers

you know that post I made yesterday about my headphones breaking and today that post about spending $42 on ordering a new pair online? well, turns out my headphones were never actually broken in the first place, so I just wasted more than half of my GameStop gift card money on that
remember kids, THINK before you make purchases, I don't know if I can get a refund yet or at all but I might let it come anyways because these headphones might not have long left either way


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  • Well done.
  • Oof
  • Ok i never purchase things on official shops
  • oof
  • update: apparently I would have been able to cancel the order if I had done it earlier today, but the process of getting to shipping has begun and there is no Cancel button on the website anymore. I would try calling support but they're closed right now, I will try again tomorrow and then if that doesn't work out I may just be able to try returning it
  • final update: I called support yesterday and asked if they could cancel it, and they said they didn't have the power to do so themselves but could send a cancellation request to the warehouse and would email me when they came to any conclusions. I was pretty sure that I commented about this here already, but apparently I didn't, so there, I'm mentioning it now. I just checked my email and saw that the cancellation request didn't go through before the item could leave the warehouse, and that if I still didn't want the item I would have to wait until I got it and then go through returns and all that. my headphones have since broken even more (they're still usable but held together by SO MUCH TAPE and it's kinda uncomfortable), so I think I'll just be keeping them now

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