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06/25/2018 12:27 AM ·Spoilers

As if Enter the Dragonfly wasn't bad enough, someone thought it was a good idea to give Ripto's horn jiggle-physics...


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  • I have three things to say:
    1) I'm sure that horn wants to die even if it isn't alive
    2) The English voice actings are better than the Italian ones, oh boy.
    The Italian one has even grammar mistakes, fast forwarded parts and sudden changes of voice actors in it hELP
    3) Enter the dragonf l y j u s t r u i n e d o n e o f m y f a v o u r i t e v i l l a i n s , m y (or our, I think) c h i l d h o o d h e r o a n d o n e o f m y f a v o u r i t e g a m e s
    HeLp x2
  • You should watch the Let's Play and Break series for this game.
  • Ni

    06/28/2018 07:10 PM · Spoilers

    The JaffyLP one?

    Looks fun. I'll check it out.
  • Definitely. The rest are funny too.
  • Oh, I know that gameplay series! It's good-
  • Or maybe, you could go play games yourself, rather than letting other people do it on your behalf.

    Honestly, videogames and the people involved in them are just a joke.
    Just as much as the idea of clinging to nostalgic memories, which is the only reason things like the Crash Bandicoot remake and the Spyro trilogy even sell in this day of age.
    They did the same with Secret of Mana, and it looks, plays and feels terrible.
    People really need to learn not to waste their money on everything videogame-related.
    Just because it's kinda there doesn't mean that it's worth it, and if you think that things like the CB remake is worth it makes you part of the problem.
    I mean, not even the original development team, Naughty Dog, was involved; how could this have succeed, especially after all the initial bugs?

    Oh boy.
  • Ni

    08/10/2018 03:40 AM · Spoilers

    ówò Ahh...okay? I'm not sure what warranted such a lengthy response. I own this game and have completed it, by the way.

    I like the remakes and the originals. I don't see the harm in remaking old games; they're fun for both old and new players and are a nice trip down memory lane. Idk if that's the response you're looking for. I don't really understand the intention of your comment. Sorry, I guess...?
  • You didn't that's just how I write on the internet. :o

    New players can go play the old games then; remaking them isn't the same, so people shouldn't develop wrong expectations, which they inevitably will when playing a remake, rather than the original game.

    It's fine.
    I'm just rambling and ponder about the situation at hand.
    My point was basically that people shouldn't suck up to everything videogame-related just because they wear nostalgia goggles.

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