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bandey ケ茨ソbandeaux

06/28/2018 02:39 AM ·Spoilers

Sorry to inform everyone on such short notice!
The fourth Super Closed Bros. tournament will be held on Sunday, July 1, 2018, at a new earlier time than previous tournaments - 2 PM EST!
However, please note that this next tournament is Wii U only.
To join, please join the discord linked below, sign up for the Challonge bracket in #announcements, and place your user info in #userinfo.
You will find all necessary rules, opponents, and other resources at the Discord server, so make sure you stay tuned there!
The tournament will hold check ins an hour before the tourney starts, so make sure you can appear a little earlier to confirm your participation.
Thanks, and have fun with this one - it's our first Sunday tournament!


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