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BlueOcto is at 🌴BlueLuigi

07/27/2018 03:36 AM ·Spoilers

Did you look at the previous release of Subpar Closedverse 64 and say, "god that game is awful"? If you did, you're correct, but that won't stop the Beta 3 release from being any worse.

What's new?

- More images, all submitted by Closedverse users! The world BlueLuigi must venture through to save the day is really falling apart now.
- Whomp's Fortress and Cool Cool Mountain join the leagues of worlds with shuffled Red Coin locations, all of which I've checked to make sure they're reachable. Some Power Stars have also been moved.
-- Not Jolly Roger Bay, though. Not enough space to hide things there.
- Text changes. Nothing too crazy there. Don't think about it too hard.
- Luigi hates living even more!

Download link attached.

Be sure to throw me some feedback if there's anything you think should be changed.


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