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08/09/2018 11:03 PM ·Spoilers

Ayyyy. So um... for some reason everyone around me suddenly stops roleplaying (even if we are in the middle of it (which low key pisses me off) and I can't seem to find any good rp that lasts long. I guess i'll try my luck here so...
I'm not a native English speaking person (i'm German) so sry if I make mistakes or don't express myself very eloquently.
Genres I like are: Fantasy... i guess that's it lol
Jk. But i really really enjoy fantasy and it''s subgenres or a bunch of genres mixed together... maybe you get the idea. And even though I like history, I don't like it when everything has to be exactly historically accurate bc that sucks tbh
Maybe someone is kinda interested in a simple fantasy rp with the whole rpg themed influences of past times?
Idk lol have a nice day


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