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08/12/2018 07:40 PM ·Spoilers

spyro is the best i love his games like skylanders and MINECRAFt there so fun
//////////////im just kidding


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  • Snow

    08/21/2018 05:12 PM · Spoilers

    I'd like to buy Spyro soon...
  • Thorben

    09/06/2018 03:16 AM · Spoilers

    Then go and play the originals, those are already available.
    It's so hypocritical that people claim to love the Spyro games and are hyped about the remake, despite it being a reimagination of the original game.
    Loving something that is not the same thing you claim to love is a contradiction.

    Btw, not saying you did, but tons of people fangirl around on Youtube and well, partly here, among other websites.
    It's just so stupid.

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