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Big BoyBigBoy

08/19/2018 03:34 PM ·Spoilers

Hey everyone!
While the Closedverse fighting game discords have slowly got inactive and tournaments have become non-existent, I've decided to take over for a short while!
Here is a vote for the next tournament we will be doing, including several fighting games such as:
Smash 4 (for both Wii U and 3DS)
Blazblue Cross Tag Battle
Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3
Tekken 7
Street Fighter V
Dragon Ball FighterZ
...and potentially more if I can get the staff to help with tournaments!
Please only vote if you plan on joining the tournament, and I will announce the winner by tomorrow (I'm from the UK, so this should give you American users some time to respond)
Here's the discord and I hope I can see you all there!


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  • For anyone interested in "why just these games?"
    I can only host the games I have access to, and since I don't have any active tournament planners who can host other games, I need more people before I can host other tournaments.
    If you're interested in becoming staff though, join the discord.
    I'll pretty much accept anyone
  • Jon

    08/21/2018 11:40 PM · Spoilers

  • As much as I would have loved that to win, Smash 4 was the obvious winner here and will be the next tournament.
    Just so you know though, whatever wins one tournament won't be votable in the next, meaning UMVC3 has a chance next time
  • I know I was the one who kinda started it, but if you wanna take the helm, be my guest!! Honestly, setting up these tourneys personally is just a lot of stress
  • Well since that CV fighters discord is pretty much dead at this point, I decided to make a new one so that I could include more games, roles, emotes and just make sure that tournaments happen often.
    If you want to join btw I'll happily make you admin/mod/tournament planner if you ever feel up to it
  • I probably wouldn't plan tournaments, but I wouldn't mind joining!

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