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08/20/2018 09:08 PM ·Spoilers · Edited (08/20/2018 09:18 PM)

No surprise, Smash 4 was the winner!
As previously mentioned, there will be a 3DS tournament and Wii U tournament both at different times.

The Wii U tournament will start on the 25th of August at 7PM UK Time (That's 2PM EST or 11AM PST) and the sign up page is here:

The 3DS tournament will be 1 hour after (or 2 if the tournament is popular) and the signup will be here:
If a majority think that the date/time needs to be changed, I will change it (but you have to let me know beforehand).

Also join the Discord while your at it since we're using it for the tournament!
See you then!


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