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08/22/2018 01:33 AM ·Spoilers

So... Uhm... Why not posting about my OCs for all across things, eh?
I feel like it so I will now from time to time. If any questions or feedback feel free to say it. Soo... Here I go!
[I'll start off with a shorter one, no worries]

Lust is one of the "7 Deadly Sins". A huge pervert only after sex. She of course can be indifferent from that buut... 99% of the time she is a pervert.
Yet she is not completly the one she makes herself out to be. In front of everyone she is the cheerful pervert yet when all alone she has a more serious yet troubled face. Something seems to worry her since quiet some time.
In general she is a mystery to the other sins in terms of her past since she never shared a single piece of her past towards any of them, she even avoids Gluttony's questions about her past at all times.


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  • Eve

    08/22/2018 01:38 AM · Spoilers

    Rija is Lust's human form. Unlike other sin's human forms Lust partly changes her personality in this form-She is less perverted, calm and gentle in this form. In the core she is the same but the changes are noticeable.
    As if she was another person.

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