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08/23/2018 03:20 AM 路Spoilers

Until smash bros ultimate comes out (and if we get a story mode)
Anyone wanna do a return of the subspace emissary RP?
Yes you can be any character (that was confirmed.) Including O.C's
You guys can decide the bosses, but there will be false characters here and there.
(Angel, a purple hoodie wearing sword fighter. Wears black pants and orange shoes) (All are welcome.)


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  • Angel

    08/23/2018 07:39 PM 路 Spoilers

  • Doesn't matter what I think. I'm just hoping there'll be a story mode.
  • Eve

    08/24/2018 02:36 AM 路 Spoilers

    Can one take multiplie characters ('cuz I have three I'd love to be (Cloud, Palutena and Dark Pit if that's fine)+an OC (who I'll introduce if there's an okay for multiplie characters))
    IF that's alright that is.
  • Angel

    08/24/2018 02:47 AM 路 Spoilers

    Sure, That's alright my other O.C:
    Name:Fallen Angel.
    Wears all black,
    A brawler that works for the subspace army but later joins the heroes.
  • Eve

    08/24/2018 02:54 AM 路 Edited 路 Spoilers

    Ah, alrighty then. Just making sure here.
    Okei... The OC coming up in a bit!
    [Either I find that description of her first or I need to write it again (yet shortened) Whatever comes first]
    (OCs might increase if I feel like adding another one (which might be the case but I first see how it goes) but I'll warn in time for that)
  • Eve

    08/24/2018 03:08 AM 路 Spoilers

    Evening is a naive, dense girl... Or at least that is how she behaves all the time. Cloud Strife found her collapsed on the floor during the events and as soon as he realized her naitivity as well as dense behavior he decided to keep her as company and protect her.
    Evening, as abouve mentioned, is pretty dense. Yet this is caused due to her childish naitivity. She has the mindst of a child-Simple and no clue of the world. She jumps to conclusions easily and doesn't understand complicated things. Yet even so she tries her best to keep track of stuff and is actually still a gentle and kind harted person.
    Evening knows the basics of fighting yet often refuses to. Instead she is more responsible for healing and supporting her allies in battle. Yet if she must she actually can pull a muscle.

    [And here have her drawn (even if it is old)... Not the best but I tried -w-]
  • Angel

    08/24/2018 03:18 AM 路 Spoilers

    Here are the groups of adventurers (including O.C's):
    Angel and Green (The female pokemon trainer)
    Cloud, Evening, and Ryu (if you want to)
    N, Villager, and Corrin. (The rest of the groups are a surprise.)
    (And by N, I mean Ness.)
  • Eve

    08/24/2018 03:23 AM 路 Spoilers

    (Sure. That's fine with me. ... Ryu and Cloud dealing with Miss Dense... That'll be fun to watch -w-)
    (And alrighty)
  • Angel

    08/24/2018 03:37 AM 路 Spoilers

    (The RP will now start... anyone wanna join now's the chance.)
    Angel:Wow... looks like there is a new smash tourney... (runs off to see a smash tourney with Green in the tourney seats)
    Green:Wow, This tourney is so fun!
  • Eve

    08/24/2018 03:51 AM 路 Spoilers

    *while this a spiked haird swordsman just watched from afar. He remained silent yet was hard to miss*

    Palutena: As I can see many are headed there again aren't there? Hmm... So many fighters indeed, I look forward batte-
    ???: Greeat... You're here too.
    Palutena: If it isn't Pittoo^^
    Dark Pit: ... I live.
  • Angel

    08/24/2018 03:58 AM 路 Spoilers

    Angel:Huh? I can see Luigi from here!
    Go Luigi!! (Angel watches the match between Luigi and Meta knight as Luigi wins)
    Green:Awesome! I haven't seen a better match since I battled Red!
    (The sky turns red as the halberd drops little purple spheres forming primids)
    Angel:Adventure? This is gonna get messy! (Angel runs down with Green after him)
  • Eve

    08/24/2018 04:45 AM 路 Spoilers

    ???: Hm? ... ... W... What the-!? *draws a giant sword*
  • Angel

    08/24/2018 06:26 AM 路 Spoilers

    Angel:Luigi, Meta knight! We got your back!
    Green: Go, Squirtle!
    ???:Let's do this!

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