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08/23/2018 04:04 PM ·Spoilers

Since Star Wars the Grey Protector season 2 comes out in a few weeks, I decided to finally accurately show a couple of my OC'S/main characters.
(Look at the comments below)


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  • Sug

    08/23/2018 04:07 PM · Spoilers

    This is Sharlett Aki/Dolomar, of course one of the main protagonists. Former adoptive daughter of Sug Dolomar, defected inquisitor and currently the grey Protector in training.
  • Sug

    08/23/2018 04:11 PM · Spoilers

    (He's wearing robes, don't mistake it for a skirt)
    This is Gus Diah, and along with Sharlett Aki he is the main protagonist. A techno Knight survivor and commander of Hacker Group, a rebel alliance cell, as well as the arch nemesis of Sug Dolomar.
  • Sug

    08/23/2018 04:20 PM · Spoilers

    Sug Dolomar. One of the Main Antagonists along with Tip Krad. He is the grand inquisitor, leader of the Skull Fleet and the imperial skullivian sector army, and the current Skull King. He's also the father of Sug Dolomar 2nd (or Sug Jr for short) and the adoptive father of Sharlett.

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