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08/26/2018 03:36 PM ┬ĚSpoilers

I feel like it... I strangely enjoy her more and more soo -w-

Itsu [General]
Itsu is the youngest of a triplet trio. Unlike her sisters she is considered the normal one. She often says herself that she's not a person with special talents and pales in comparison to Atsu and Etsu. Yet at the same time she admires them and tries her best to be more like them.
Itsu might be a friendly nature yet at the same time she can be quiet the hothead, getting her into more trouble than necessary. She has a hint of a naive nature as well yet this seems to be caused because her sisters are overprotective considering her and dote her around. Itsu is of course more annoyed by this the older she turns but appreciates that they care.
Itsu tries to figure out if she has anything special going on yet can't seem to find anything her sisters cannot do... In fact, she takes a loong time until yet this doesn't stop her from trying her best.. And in the end succeeding.


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