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08/29/2018 03:23 PM ·Spoilers

So because "WHY NOT", I'll make a last, probably long information post about Pokémon Toast.
So yesterday, I decided to stop advertising the game here on closedverse and cancelled it's release here on closedverse, that was scheduled for the end of 2018. Now a few minits ago, I saw a news from NintendoLife, reporting that Pokémon Essentials got taken down by Nintendo. I used this "engine" and I used sprites, sound effects and soundtracks from different Nintendo games to make Pokémon Toast. Because this "engine" was taken down now, I can't release the game due to copyright issues. Pokémon Toast will only be available for myself and my friends anymore and I will no longer continue developing it. I will move onto new projects and create my own things. I hope nobody misses Pokémon Toast.


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