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08/31/2018 01:10 PM ┬ĚSpoilers

My short review for Azure Striker Gunvolt 1 (3DS)

This game is Mega Man Zero, but with anime covered over it.

Gameplay: gameplay in the original Gunvolt is fun and tagging and zapping enemies is also fun. Bosses are a bit Mega Man-seque but that's part of what this game pays a homage to the original Mega Man games. Also, if you get like a hundred kudos Lumen will pop up and sing for you. You also have cool skills to select on the bottom screen. (9/10)

Music: the soundtrack for Gunvolt is exciting with J-pop songs which always gets me hyped. The actual soundtrack aside from those is still as good as Lumen's songs, since they capture the feeling the stages and special scenes during the story are set. (9/10)

Plot: again, Azure Striker Gunvolt takes it roots during the Mega Man X and Zero franchises, but this one is a bit different. Overall, the quality of the story is good and has some good moments. You play as Gunvolt, a young boy with the special powers of lightning, as he works for an organization going against another organization while also protecting a girl. The bosses themselves are also likeable due to their personalities, which is something to admire for the Gunvolt series. I actually think it's a good story, despite its similar tropes. (9/10)

Graphics: the graphics in this game look clean yet the sprites themselves are the same as the Mega Man Zero games. The stages, while a little less memorable, are nice looking too. The characters really catch that anime-feel, making their designs look cool. (9.5/10)

Replayability / Overall: 9.5

Azure Striker Gunvolt is a spiritual Mega Man game as you would expect it to be. This game can really make you feel like it takes a special place even if the game itself isn't that solid and more above it. I can't recommend it enough.


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