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iphone 5henry

09/02/2018 07:51 PM ·Spoilers

Since this will probably be up forever: Only pedophiles promote / repromote cookie. Why is this? Because 75% of the entire fucking userbase hates her (with reason) and Seth knew she was 11 but gave her admin anyways because she gave him five bucks (which by the way why does an 11 year old have a Paypal without her parents consensual knowledge?). Just shows how money grubbing the guy is. She was a fine user before May, but got way too egoist when Arian gave her mod (which she didn't deserve) because she was young and had the fucking "I HAVE A PUSSY GUYS!!!!!" pass. And we all know what happened to Arian. This is why we shouldnt have fuckers like Smartie and Cookie as mods / admins. Both of them are young and extremely immature. It disgusts me how theyre allowed to run a fucking site. :)


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  • waffle

    09/02/2018 07:59 PM · Spoilers

    can you stop complaining about me every 0.00003 seconds??? it's getting really annoying

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