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09/08/2018 11:27 PM ·Spoilers

Star Wars The Grey Protector season 2.
Episode 1: out of exile.

(Story is in the comments below)


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  • Sug

    09/08/2018 11:36 PM · Edited · Spoilers

    Narrator: Triumph! After a long and brutal mission, the rebel alliance has successfully liberated ryloth thanks to the efforts of Hacker Group and Sharlett Aki, an inquisitor turned ally of the alliance.

    6 months have passed and the rebels have gotten more attention from the imperial navy, particularly the Skull Fleet led by Grand Inquisitor Sug Dolomar. However the Unversed has also gained their sights on both the rebellion and the empire and thus begun a ruthless campaign against both parties.

    Now our heroes are desperate in their attempts to protect the lives of countless worlds as their enemies hunt them down to the end of the galaxy.

    *at an unknown building, Shadow troopers patrol the entrance. Suddenly a speeder bike swoops over them, as the driver hops off the bike crashes into the entrance. The driver takes off her helmet revealing to be Sharlett Aki*

    Shadow trooper: It's the renegade! Get her!

    *Sharlett attacks the troopers, cutting their weapons with her lightsaber and force pushes a few out of her way while physically knocking out the rest. She takes out her commlink*

    Sharlett: I'm in.

    *she enters the building but suddenly the next minute one of it's walls explode and then Sharlett is seen fighting Sug Dolomar in a lightsaber duel, he jumps towards her as her eyes glow red she fights him in full rage as they lock blades. Sug however slowly moves her lightsaber down, kicking it from her hands and then stabs her in the abdomen, realizing what just happened she falls to the floor lifeless*

    *Suddenly she wakes up in a room with her astromech droid Skully chirping worriedly as she gets up and goes a window to look at the nearby ocean*
  • Sug

    09/08/2018 11:45 PM · Spoilers

    *munificent frigates move in to destroy a CR90 Corvette as X wings and A wings engage Unversed V wings and Arc 170's. The radiant, piloted by Gus Diah swoops in followed by Xavian in his X wing*

    Gus: Keep up the pace, we must destroy those frigates if our fleet has any chance of escaping!

    Xavian: Don't worry we've taken bigger threats than these!

    Gus: So you keep reminding me...

    *Xavian charges towards one of the munificent frigates while dodging its laser fire and takes out the bridge. Gus fires the radiant's laser cannons and takes down two arc 170's, however the unversed flagship "the predator", fires it's super laser at one of the MC80 liberty cruisers, destroying it in one shot*

    Xavian: The frigates are down, the fleet has an opening to jump into hyperspace!

    Gus: Hacker One this is Commander Diah, have the fleet jump!

    Hacker One Captain: Yes sir!

    *Hacker Group jumps into hyperspace followed by Gus and Xavian*
  • Sug

    09/08/2018 11:53 PM · Spoilers

    *at the bridge of the predator, Tip Krad sees the rebels escape as lieutenant Jelena appears next to him*

    Jelena: General, your orders?

    Tip: These rebels are clever, it's no wonder the empire puts them in such a high priority. My master cannot have any delays in his plans, we must find another inhabitant planet to target before the rebellion and the empire would find out.

    Jelena: What about Hacker Group? Specifically the techno knight?

    Tip: You're right, he's our primary target, or he may jeopardize our plans. Lieutenant, i want you to hunt him down.

    Jelena: It will be done General.

    *Jelena leaves the bridge*
  • Sug

    09/09/2018 12:10 AM · Spoilers

    *back on the hangar of Hacker One, Gus walks out of the radiant and walks towards Xavian*

    Gus: Your ship never fails to impress me!

    Xavian: She may be an old freighter, but she's reliable.

    Gus: Even so, our enemies continue hunting us down non stop, and to make things worse the rebellion is losing outposts and bases to the empire, we can't remain mobile for long.

    Xavian: Well how are we going to find one, like you said, the empire locked down multiple sector borders. It's impossible to cross one!

    Gus: Not if there's someone who knows imperial hyperspace codes...
  • Sug

    09/09/2018 12:23 AM · Spoilers

    *meanwhile a tie interceptor squadron patrols around the skull fleet star destroyers while passing by the flagship hydra. On the bridge Sug discusses current events with Admiral Donnell*

    Sug: Our failure at ryloth has gotten more star systems to join the rebellion.

    Donnell: At this rate their numbers would rival that of the CIS. To make things worse the majority of their forces have disappeared, with smaller groups like Hacker Group and Rogue Squadron performing hit and run attacks all around the mid rim!

    Sug: We can't let them make another move, otherwise...

    Skull fleet crewman: Sir, you have an incoming transmission. It's High Command.

    Sug: *Sigh* put it through.

    *attendant vanee appears through the holographic table*

    Vanee: Grand Inquisitor, your efforts have been thus far unsuccessful!

    Sug: I have sent my fleet to hunt down those responsible for our loss at Ryloth.

    Vanee: He is not referring to the rebels, he is referring to your renegade inquisitor!

    *Sug looks down in anger*

    Vanee: Lord Vader requires your presence at mustafar....NOW!

    *the transmission ends and Sug has a fearful expression on his face*
  • Sug

    09/09/2018 12:45 AM · Spoilers

    *Sharlett and Skully walk around the streets of Wuhu city, shopping for food at a nearby market selling nunas, meilurums and blue milk*

    Shop owner: Thanks for stopping by friend.

    Sharlett: No problem.

    *as Sharlett and Skully walk back to their hut they head to an alleyway and suddenly a hooded Gus Diah appears behind them*

    Gus: So, you take the same alleyway we first crossed paths to go to your home?

    Sharlett: It brings back memories, I kept thinking about our fight here every day and how I could have just immediately joined you instead.

    Gus: You might still have a chance.

    Sharlett: Gus as much as I want to, I can't risk your lives. Sug would send in everything he has at us.

    Gus: We can handle it...we need you, all I ask is that you help us...but that's not the only reason you would gladly accept is it?

    Sharlett: Do you know about...

    Gus: The Grey Protector, I do. While the chosen one was a prophecy told by the jedi, the Grey Protector was told to the Techno Knights. An individual who will maintain the balance in the force, and you are the current Grey Protector. You spent your life using the dark side of the force, I can teach you to contain it and use both the light and dark as one.

    Sharlett: If I join, there's no coming count me as your new member.

    *both shake their hands in agreement*
  • Sug

    09/09/2018 12:59 AM · Spoilers

    *later on the Radiant flies through hyperspace as Sharlett sits behind Xavian*

    Xavian: You sure your information is correct?

    Sharlett: Yeah.

    Gus: How's the new left arm we gave you?

    Sharlett: Better than the old one you gave me back on ryloth. It kept malfunctioning everytime I repair my Tie Hunter.

    Xavian: We're coming up on the border fleet!

    *the radiant is pulled out of hyperspace and is in front of an imperial fleet of star destroyers and interdictors*

    Imperial Officer: Unidentified ship, identify yourself!

    Sharlett: My turn.

    *Sharlett leans in on the comm*

    Sharlett: This is freighter "profiteer", requesting permission to pass towards the bakura system. Transmitting codes now.

    *the holographic display of the security codes appears as 12162016*

    Imperial Officer: Codes are confirmed, you may proceed, have a nice day citizen.

    Sharlett: Glory to the empire, sir, thank you.

    *the radiant jumps into hyperspace again*

    Xavian: Impressive!

    Sharlett: Trust me inquisitors always get their own security codes, unexpired and imperials won't know who it belongs to.

    Gus: Hopefully Bakura doesn't have imperial presence. If it's true we'll have to chart a secret hyperspace route for the fleet.
  • Sug

    09/09/2018 01:16 AM · Spoilers

    *meanwhile on mustafar, Sug lands his Tie Hunter at a landing pad outside Darth Vader's castle and enters the fortress, finding attendant vanee standing in front of him while Darth Vader looks at the volcanic landscape of the planet*

    Sug: Lord Vader...I know you're displeased about my daughter's defection, but I am currently hunting her down.

    Vanee: I would lower my voice if I were you Sug.

    Sug: I might have been unsuccessful before...

    Vanee: You disobeyed Grand General Naivax's orders...

    Sug:...To hunt her down personally. It was Naivax's fault for losing ryloth, NOT MINE!


    *not tolerating his presence anymore, Sug crushes Vanee's neck with the force and the attendant falls lifeless*

    Sug: All I ask is simply more time, and that you take my mission seriously.

    *Darth Vader breathes menacingly that makes Sug step backwards a little*

    Darth Vader: The only thing I do not take seriously Boy, is you. You have allowed your own daughter to escape your clutches, and apparently it was the very reason we lost our grip on will continue your mission, capture or kill her...but return to me again empty handed, then your position as Grand Inquisitor will be vacant!

    *Sug looks down fearfully but looks back at Vader*

    Sug: I won't let you down master.

    *Sug leaves the Chambers as Vader turns around and continues staring at the landscape*
  • Sug

    09/09/2018 01:21 AM · Spoilers

    *the radiant comes out of hyperspace and lands at a nearby abandoned facility at Bakura*

    Sharlett: Here we are.

    Gus: Xav, keep the radiant running. If we find any trouble, I'll contact you.

    Xavian: Got it boss.

    *Gus and Sharlett walk towards the facility*

    Sharlett: This place seems abandoned.

    Gus: Yes but keep your guard up, it may be dangerous.

    Sharlett: Good thing I'm not the one hunting you down!

    Gus: Thank the force you defected.

    *they both laugh as they enter the facility*
  • Sug

    09/09/2018 01:37 AM · Spoilers

    *inside the facility, Skully activates his flashlights as Sharlett and Gus activate their lightsabers to look around*

    Gus: This place give me the creeps.

    Sharlett: Me too, not only that but I sense something...

    Gus: What is it?

    Sharlett: Something is coming.....something sinister!

    *Sharlett clashes her lightsaber with a vibro blade as Lieutenant Jelena faces the two*

    Gus: Who are you?!

    Sharlett: A bounty hunter?

    Jelena: Guess again!

    *Gus attempts to shoot her but Jelena kicks his blaster off his hand, but he uses his lightsaber to block her vibro blade strikes as Sharlett attempts to strike her. However she pulls out a second blade and stops Sharlett's attack*

    Jelena: Tip told me about you!

    Sharlett: Let me guess you work for him?

    Jelena: Correct!

    *their fight leads back outside as Jelena kicks Gus out of her way and focuses her attention to Sharlett*

    Jelena: You shouldn't have put your nose in our plans, once I kill you, he's next!

    Sharlett: NEVER!

    *Sharlett force pushes her into a nearby wall, as she gets up however the radiant hovers over her. Gus gets back up and points his lightsaber at Jelena*

    Gus: Surrender and we'll let you live.

    Jelena: You think I'm alone Techno Knight?

    *Two V wings attack the Radiant*

    Xavian: Guys we need to get out of here!

    Sharlett: He's right, we need to go!

    *Gus, Sharlett and Skully board the radiant and they all escape bakura. Jelena contacts Tip Krad*

    Jelena: I regret to inform you that the techno Knight has escaped, there is a little good news however...Sug's daughter is a rebel now.

    Tip: This might work to our advantage. Well done lieutenant, well done.
  • Sug

    09/09/2018 02:09 AM · Spoilers

    *the radiant travels back to the rebel fleet*

    Sharlett: looks like Krad found himself a henchman.

    Xavian: What are we going to do now?

    Gus: We'll find a way...

    *they all look at each other with a concerned face*
  • Sug

    09/09/2018 02:19 AM · Spoilers

    *on the bridge of the Hydra, Sug returns and meets with Admiral Donnell*

    Donnell: How was the meeting sir?

    Sug: Terrible, I'm told I have one chance to produce results otherwise I'm a deadman. Sharlett is elusive, our problem is our own forces.

    Donnell: Sir?

    Sug: Our forces causes too much noise, we need a smaller more flexible team of warriors to combat the inquisitorius headquarters on coruscant, tell them I need 3 inquisitors to meet me on skullivia.

    *Sug smiles menacingly*
  • Sug

    09/09/2018 02:19 AM · Spoilers

    Stay tuned for episode 2: trial on Wuhu.

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