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BlueOcto is at 🌴BlueLuigi

09/15/2018 07:06 AM ·Spoilers

What is there to say about the Beta 4 release of Subpar Closedverse 64? Not a whole lot, actually. Much of the same, really, but it's just another day for everyone's (least) favorite BlueLuigi.

- Images! There's more of them, and they're still all from Closedverse users like yourself.
- Text! ...I actually forget if there's any changed text in this version. There might be, probably, maybe. Check it out; it'll be a surprise for both of us.
- Luigi's dying dream is yet more corrupted as strange images plaster themselves all over the castle ha--okay, maybe not that.
- Cool, Cool Mountain's red coins have been shuffled! And yes, they're all collectable. Be sure to check EVERYWHERE.

Download link attached.
If you have any criticism, throw it at me. I'll probably appreciate it.


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