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09/16/2018 03:09 AM ·Spoilers

So, I beat Torna: The Golden Country. I'll share my full thoughts in the comments. I'll keep the first bit with no spoilers, and then I'll go into detail (which I'll hide with spoiler tags, obviously, so don't click the spoiler posts unless you've beaten the game)


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  • Jj

    09/16/2018 03:13 AM · Spoilers

    Ok first, how long is it compared to the first game? That’s all I wanna know.
  • Overall, I really enjoyed Torna, though there were a few parts I didn't like. But I'll start off with what I DID like.
    First off, the battles.
    I think the altered battle system in Torna was done really well, even if the amount of things I could invest WP into was overwhelming. I found it very fun to revisit the XBC2 battle system I know and love but with a new twist.
    Next, we have the difficulty. Now, I played the game (except for two tough battles mid game) in Normal difficulty, so keep that in mind.
    Now, I found Torna pretty easy, but I think that's only because I have such a good grasp of the core mechanics from my 125+ hours of the main game. I think somebody who'd go into Torna without having played XBC2 would have a really tough time in Normal mode. But who knows.
    The game also gives you a ton of bonus EXP near the end, for reasons I'll go into later, so if you rest up at a campfire or inn, you get super overleveled. So the endgame is for the most part really easy.
  • Now, since I was asked, I'll talk about the length now instead of other things.
    The game took me roughly 20 hours. It has a TON of padding near the end, unfortunately, which lead to probably at least 5/8 of my play time being spent on that.
    Of course, this time will obviously change based on what difficulty you're playing, as well as your focus on sidequests or exploration and whatnot.
  • Jj

    09/16/2018 03:27 AM · Spoilers

    Ah, alright. Thanks. I was hoping it’d be a little longer than that, but I guess that makes sense since the download was only 16 minutes
  • Story was great, I was pretty invested instantly. The new music was also amazing, as is common with Xenoblade.
    Now for what I don't like about Torna.
    About 3/4 through the game, your objective is to raise Community to level 2. Doesn't sound so bad, right? Well, doing so requires you to do about 15 quests, if I remember correctly. Now, that isn't terrible, but then, JUST before the final area, they force you to raise Community to level 4, which requires almost 50 people total, meaning you now have to scavenge around for around 40-50 sidequests. It's really not fun. In fact, it sort of ruined the whole game fo me. I'm not a sidequest loving person, though, so just keep this in mind.
  • I'm gonna be doing the spoiler bit later, Again, it'll be tagged, but yeah. Feeling too ill (not just from the forced sidequest hunt, I actually am sick right now) to write much more for now

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