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hi im autisticStrikxr

09/17/2018 10:05 PM ·Spoilers

ok uh im making a rp i thought of this idea while doing the dishes kek

The Double-Sided Mirror

The mirror has been broken. Now, they say a broken mirror gives you seven years of bad luck, but that's not exactly the case for this mirror. It won't give you good luck either, though. Instead, there is a mirrored universe on its opposing side, and the mirror gives the ability to move between the universes. The opposing universe is unknown, but rumor has it that there is evil lurking there. So, it's your choice on whether it's good luck or bad luck coming from this mirror.

so im pretty strict w/ my roleplays ok so heres some rules

- rp in either first or third person, i don't want any script roleplaying. paragraphs are ok, and so are a few sentences. please also use proper grammar.
- i dont wanna see no tits or ass or peepee k
- dont make your ocs look like thots
- gore is ok i guess just dont go too far w/ it
- yall can swear
-dont use ur weird text faces (*cough* eve)
-dont be op
-ocs from the opposing universe don't need to be introduced right now, as they will be introduced later.

ill add my ocs if this gets any comments


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  • mind if I just stay to read it?
  • Can I be a rock?
  • :(
  • Alright

    OC: Faggot McJinglebeans

    -Has sucked all the toes
    -Expert on 4Chan shitposting
    -Loves pineapple on pizza
    -Has seen literally every single video on PornHub and Hentai Haven
    -Jacks off with hot sauce
    -Has a pet flamingo
    -Likes to fuck cars
    -Can say every Latin word backwards
    -Has won Smash 4 EVO three times with DK Bongos
    -Knows the entire script of the entire Shrek franchise by heart
    -Self proclaimed Fortnite god
    -Uses mugs as dildos
    -Has 73 loli body pillows
    -ONLY watches loli animes
    -Would fuck Mr. Saturn
    -Has stuck his dick in a Big Mac
    -Has had his drink spiked 7 times at Denny’s
    -Makes homemade hamburgers with ostrich meat
    -Can fit a 2 liter water bottle in his mouth
    -Drinks molasses out of wine glasses
    -Has attempted to build a sex bot 6 times
    -Has shoved a GameCube controller up his ass
    -Hasn’t washed himself in 15 years
    -Doesn’t know what multiplication is
    -Has made out with an umbrella
    -Secretly gets off to all the weird gorey shit on Reddit 50/50
    -Has bought salves off the black market to fetch him more Sprite cans
    -Has a 24 inch erect penis
    -Has shoved his penis into both his nostrils and his ear at the same time
    -Can lick his elbow
    -Has a sex dungeon that he never uses
    -Jacks off to Ninja’s streams
    -Loves raw chicken breasts
  • how to delete other people's posts
  • Any specific details you're looking for in certain characters?
  • Sorry I couldn’t resist

    Don’t worry I’ll get my karma after being notif bombed

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