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09/18/2018 10:57 PM ·Spoilers

Star Wars the Grey Protector season 2.
Episode 2: trial on Wuhu.

Narrator: Rebellion on the run! After joining the alliance to restore the republic, Sharlett aki along with Techno Knight Gus Diah and rebel operative Xavian lee are forced to retreat from bakura after unversian lieutenant Jelena faces them in heated combat. Desperate for a base, Hacker Group decided to temporarily take shelter on the planet Wuhu in Hopes of searching for a new planet, a planet the empire wouldn't find.


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  • Sug

    09/18/2018 11:05 PM · Spoilers

    *On the planet Wuhu, the radiant and 4 U wing gunships land on the island city, greeting the governor in charge of the planet*

    Governor: Welcome to Wuhu my friends.

    Gus: Thank you so much for letting us shelter here for now, we promise to keep ourselves out of imperial scanners while we stay here.

    Governor: That's alright Gus, although many here won't appreciate your presence here, an enemy of the empire is a friend of mine.

    *they continue their conversation while Xavian and Sharlett unload their cargo*

    Sharlett: Are you sure we won't get detected?

    Xavian: The governor is doing Gus a favor after our first encounter with Sug. We only promised a small group while the rest of Hacker Group remains out of sight.

    Sharlett: I only hope Sug doesn't find us personally.
  • Sug

    09/18/2018 11:12 PM · Spoilers

    *Sharlett walks to her hut and finds Skully making repairs to her Tie Hunter*

    Sharlett: Hey little buddy!

    Skully: *Chirps* (hello master!)

    Sharlett: I've got you some oil, that's fix you right up.

    *Gus walks in*

    Gus: Mind if I interrupt?

    Sharlett: Go ahead.

    Gus: We need to talk about your powers, have you been having any nightmares recently?

    Sharlett: Well, there was one where I was facing Sug...

    Gus: Hmmm, was it accurate?

    Sharlett: Yes, when he impaled me I could almost feel the pain.

    Gus: This is troubling...
  • Sug

    09/18/2018 11:51 PM · Spoilers

    *Sharlett's tie hunter flies overseas and arrives on an island. Sharlett and Gus disembarks the ship as Skully remains on board, they then walk towards the island on foot*

    Gus: Sensing the future can sometimes give you good fortune, but sometimes it does lead to nightmares becoming reality.

    Sharlett: I know...I heard stories from Sug.

    *as they walk towards the jungle Gus ponders on something*

    Gus: I hope I'm not sounding interrogative but I always exactly did you met him?

    Sharlett: Sug?

    Gus: Yes.

    Sharlett: It's not a day I'd like to remember, he sent troops to slaughter my entire village, and then he killed my real father. Anton...he then brainwashed me into thinking I'm his daughter.

    Gus: I....didn't realized he'd do something so twisted like that.

    Sharlett: Kidnap and manipulation, that's one of the inquisitors main objectives...
  • Sug

    09/19/2018 12:05 AM · Spoilers

    *the duo then find a cave*

    Gus: I sense something inside that cave.

    Sharlett: Should we go in?

    Gus: Worth a try I guess.

    *they both enter the cave. They activate their lightsabers to see through the dark and find odd markings*

    Sharlett: What are these?

    Gus: This's in the old tongue.

    Sharlett: You can translate it?

    Gus: I'll can only make out a few words...let's see...

    *as he reads through the passage he suddenly finds out what it means*

    Gus: This is about your powers!

    *the markings suddenly glow blue and red, as it is revealed to be a ritual*

    Sharlett: What's going on?!

    Gus: Get out of there!!!

    *Suddenly electricity starts hitting Sharlett as she screams in agony. Gus can only look as he can't do anything to prevent it. The electricity then stops and she falls to her knees but then she looks at the Crest of jedi/sith with her eyes glowing blood red with anger she sends out a surge of force lightning to the crest, the markings then glow completely red as Gus desperately tries to call her*

  • Sug

    09/19/2018 12:17 AM · Spoilers

    *as Gus continues to call her, Sharlett suddenly finds herself in a dreamlike stance, appearing in her old village on the planet tython*

    Sharlett: What the hell just happened?

    Anton: You're dreaming, my child.

    *Anton walks towards her*

    Sharlett: Dad!

    Anton: Walk with me, there is much to discuss.

    *Sharlett follows her father as he heads to the tython temple*

    Anton: Do you remember what happened to you?

    Sharlett: I was hit by electricity and then everything went pitch I dead?

    Anton: No, but your conscious left your body as the dark side is controlling it.

    Sharlett: What?!

    Anton: The power inside you is a gift, It provides great strength, but also a weakness...a weakness that will very much kill you. If even a single stab wound were to happen...

    Sharlett: Just like my visions.

    Anton: Correct, you must train yourself to contain the darkness inside you. Only then will you fulfill your destiny and defeat the God of destruction...I believe in you Sharlett, may the force be with you.

    *Anton disappears as Gus' screams are heard once again*
  • Sug

    09/19/2018 12:22 AM · Spoilers

    Gus: SHARLETT!!!

    *Sharlett's eyes stop glowing red and she stops shooting lightning*

    Sharlett: I'm sorry...

    Gus: What the hell happened?!

    Sharlett: I felt like I was dead...and something was controlling my body.

    Gus: At least you're safe now...I'll have to start teaching you how to contain your powers.

    Sharlett: That'll be great. Thanks Gus.
  • Sug

    09/19/2018 12:26 AM · Spoilers

    *as they walk back to the shore, the radiant arrives and Xavian comes out of the ship*

    Xavian: Guys, scanners picked up an energy surge here, are you okay?

    Gus: We're fine, we just encountered a trap.

    Xavian: Okay....anyway let's get out of here, ackbar is trying to contact us.

    *Xavian, Gus, and Sharlett board the radiant and fly back to the island. With Skully following them in Sharlett's tie hunter*
  • Sug

    09/19/2018 12:30 AM · Spoilers

    *meanwhile at the Skullivian Palace, Sug oversees the snowy landscape as a Shadow Trooper walks towards him*

    Shadow Trooper: My king, the Skull Prince is here.

    *the blast doors open as someone walks in*

    Sug: Welcome home, my son.

    *to be continued*
  • Sug

    09/19/2018 12:31 AM · Spoilers

    Stay tuned for episode 3: Family reunion on Skullivia!

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