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09/21/2018 11:24 PM ·Spoilers

Star Wars the Grey Protector season 2!
Episode 3: family reunion on skullivia.

(Story is in the comments below)

Narrator: Inevitable struggle! After finding a mysterious cave on a deserted island on the planet Wuhu, Sharlett Aki has activated a darkness within her that separates her mind from her body. After gaining knowledge about this danger from her father's spirit, the young renegade and her new teacher Gus Diah seek counsel from kana, but they must travel to Skullivia. A journey considered to be dangerous.


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  • Sug

    09/21/2018 11:30 PM · Spoilers

    *traveling through hyperspace in her tie hunter, Sharlett along with Gus and Skully journeyed to Skullivia*

    Gus: You ok Sharlett?

    Sharlett: It's been almost a year since I set foot on Skullivia...I don't know if anything changed, if kana is still alive.

    Gus: I'm sure we'll get the answers we seek, hopefully I'll be able to provide you with the training you need to contain your inner darkness.

    Skully: *beeps* (we're coming out of hyperspace)

    Sharlett: Thanks Skully.
  • Sug

    09/21/2018 11:40 PM · Spoilers

    *Sharlett's tie hunter comes out of hyperspace and finds the blockade of star destroyers*

    Sharlett: Skully, scramble their sensors!

    Skully: *Beeps* (I'm on it!)

    *at the bridge of the imperial 1 class star destroyer Hydra, Admiral Donnell looks at the sensors and all he can see is an image of a lambda class shuttle*

    Donnell: Copy that shuttle 275555, you may approach and land.

    *Gus smiles as the tie hunter passes through the blockade with minimal effort*

    Gus: I love this droid of yours!

    Skully: *Beeps* (thanks!)

    *the tie hunter lands on a space port. Sharlett and Gus disembark the ship but Skully remains*

    Sharlett: Keep the ship running, we'll contact you if there's any trouble!

    Skully: *Beeps* (you got it boss!)

    *back on the hydra, Admiral Donnell contacts Sug Dolomar*

    Donnell: My king, we have found them.
  • Sug

    09/21/2018 11:48 PM · Spoilers

    *meanwhile on the Skullivian palace, Sug hears the revelation*

    Sug: How do you know they're here?

    Donnell: I admit I was fooled by looking at the sensors, they flew past my ship and I can recognize a tie hunter from a mile away, without a doubt it's the Skull Princess.

    Sug: Thank you Admiral, keep maintaining orbital position, we'll take it from here.

    *the transmission ends as Prier Pocky and Sug Dolomar 2nd, enter the office*

    Sug jr: Father, I sense her presence!

    Sug: I sense her too, but she's not alone...Gus is here.

    Sug Jr: We can take care of them both.

    Sug: No, you're not ready to face Gus. But we have to capture both of them....we need more Inquisitors. Jr, take prier and scout the capital.

    Sug jr: Yes dad.

    Prier: We won't let you down...

    *as Sug Jr walks away, Prier follows him but with a sadden look on her face*
  • Sug

    09/22/2018 12:02 AM · Spoilers

    *on the streets of capital city, Sharlett and Gus walk towards an alleyway and encounter a skullivian*

    Gus: Who are you?

    Skullivian: You may call me Alfrkris Redlit, and I'm afraid this is where you're journey stops.

    Sharlett: We don't want any trouble!

    Alfrkris: Coming from the Skullivian princess're looking for ms kana.

    Sharlett: Yes...

    Alfrkris: Well....I'm sorry then...

    *alfrkris kicks Sharlett's lightsaber out of her hand and before he could hit her, she blocks his hand*

    Gus: Hey stop!!!

    Alfrkris: This is between us my friend, don't interfere.

    *the Skullivian tried several spin kicks as Sharlett dodges them, he then hits her mechanical left hand to no effect. Sharlett then force pushes him but before she could get her lightsaber and aim it at alfrkris he stops fighting*

    Alfrkris: Well done.

    Sharlett: What the hell are you trying to do?!

    Alfrkris: I needed to know what your heart desires, you want to get pass me in order to find the fate of Ms assured she's okay, follow me.

    *alfrkris walks away and Sharlett and Gus follow him*
  • Sug

    09/22/2018 12:21 AM · Spoilers

    *Alfrkris leads them to a park Sharlett enters but Alfrkris prevents Gus from joining*

    Alfrkris: Ms kana only requested Ms Dolomar's presence.

    Gus: I guess I'll just wait.

    *Sharlett walks in and meets with Kana who is feeding Nunas*

    Kana: Ahh, Sharlett my dear, I was wondering when you'd come.

    Sharlett: You were expecting me?

    Kana: I told you, if you chose to find a master you'd always be welcome to see me and provide you with knowledge. So...are we to talk about the uncontrollable darkness within you?

    Sharlett: Um...yes, but not only that, I kept having these weird dreams lately.

    Kana: Go on.

    Sharlett: I was facing Sug on some chamber, my eyes were as red as my lightsaber and then next thing I know he stabs me. As I fall dead I wake up.

    Kana: This could be a danger, child, you have unique powers, but if you let it's dark energy consume you, it will destroy you. The only way for you to contain it for now is to simply meditate, find your inner happiness and get rid of negative thoughts. Only then will you be able to hold against the dark side.

    Sharlett: I'll try it out...and another thing, something that has been in my mind since I first faced Tip Krad...what can you tell me about the master of korriban?

    Kana: The master of korriban is a powerful individual, he is the founder of the unversed terrorist group, and worst of've got his attention.

    Sharlett: So I have to defend myself from two madmen...

    Kana: Precisely.

    Alfrkris: Madam, it's time to leave.

    Kana: Well our time is up, I'm sorry there isn't more I can tell you right now, but if you decide, come by anytime.

    Sharlett: Thank you.

    *Sharlett hugs Kana*

    Kana: I have high Hopes for you my dear, you will fulfill your destiny. May the force be with you.

    *Kana and Alfrkris leave the park*
  • Sug

    09/22/2018 12:29 AM · Spoilers

    *Sug jr suddenly appears from the shadows as Sharlett looks at him*

    Sharlett: Brother...

    Sug jr: Traitor.

    Sharlett: We don't have to fight, jr, we can work together and stop Sug!

    Sug jr: I won't disobey father's orders!

    Sharlett: Loyal till the end like always, huh little brother?

    Sug Jr: Which is something you lack...

    *Suddenly another inquisitor drops in from a nearby rooftop and tries to slice Sharlett in half but she deflects it with her own lightsaber, Sug jr also begins to charge at her as Sharlett activates her second blade and blocks his strike, she kicks both of them but the two inquisitors then charge forward, locking blades with her*

    Sharlett: Good to see you again Rhajat, you two are still a couple?

    Rhajat: Well we both share something in common, your traitorous head.

    *Both Sug jr and Rhajat force push her but she then recovers, rejoining the fight*
  • Sug

    09/22/2018 01:16 AM · Spoilers

    *Gus senses Sharlett in danger and runs to her only to be ambushed by Sug and another female inquisitor*

    Gus: Sug!

    Sug: Welcome to Skullivia, Daremi show our guest our hospitality.

    Daremi: With pleasure!

    *Daremi charges toward Gus with her lightsaber but he blocks the attack with his own, Sug joins in and kicks him far into the courtyard, where Sharlett finds him, but he gets up and fights them. They're however surrounded, 2 against 4*

    Sug: Surrender. Now!

    *as the two rebels look at each other hopeless, Prier pocky drops in and force pushes all 4 of them*

    Sharlett: Prier?!

    Prier: Miss me Sharlett?

    *the three warriors engage the 4 inquisitors, as Prier kicks Rhajat into a wall as she faces daremi. Sug and Sug jr fight Gus and Sharlett alone as the grey protector hits a button and continues fighting on. Suddenly two Tie hunters fly pass the courtyard, one piloted by Skully and prier's on auto pilot, the two ships hover as Prier and Gus climb aboard their respective ships. Sharlett however is holding back the inquisitors who force push her into the ground and suddenly all 4 of them simultaneously break concrete from a nearby building into tiny little pieces and trap Sharlett within the rubble, as Sharlett struggles to break free, she hears a mysterious voice*

    ???: It is inevitable....

    *the words echo three causing Sharlett to send out a shockwave, knocking the 4 inquisitors away from her, Sug however recovers but before he could grab her she gets on her tie hunter and the rebels flee the area. Sug and his team of inquisitors could only watch*

    Sug: We've done what we needed...let's go back to the palace.

    *Sug and his inquisitors walk away*
  • Sug

    09/22/2018 01:22 AM · Spoilers

    *on Wuhu, the two tie hunters land between the radiant and Xavian meets them*

    Xavian: Guys you're back!

    *Prier walks to them*

    Xavian: What is she doing here?

    Prier: I defected, duh!

    Xavian: Oh...

    Gus: Let's just go, we need to talk to high command about our encounter with Sug.

    *as the two walk away, Sharlett walks to prier*

    Sharlett: Prier, why would you risk your life to save me? I'm a traitor.

    Prier: So am I. Look, I don't care if you join the rebellion, you're my best friend, and if you chose this then I will too.

    Sharlett: Good to have you back Prier.

    *The two renegades hug each other as they walk towards the radiant*
  • Sug

    09/22/2018 01:26 AM · Spoilers

    *back on the Skullivian palace, Sug ponders on the result of his mission*

    Daremi: They've got away, what are we going to do now dear?

    Sug: They haven't gotten away yet, sure they retreated from this planet, but no matter where they hide we will find them.

    Sug jr: What are your orders dad?

    Sug: We hunt!

    *Sug grins menacingly*
  • Sug

    09/22/2018 01:27 AM · Spoilers

    Stay tuned for episode 4: Gus and Sug part 1!

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