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09/23/2018 02:10 AM ·Spoilers

So what happens if you reach judgement hall and you only didn’t kill one monster by accident on a genocide run?


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  • Missing a single monster fucks up a Genocide Run. You have to kill EVERY monster in an area before the boss.
  • Jj

    09/23/2018 02:28 AM · Spoilers

    Goddammit... I didn’t know that eating Vegetoid would count as a spare. Then Temmie as well I think. Papyrus was already hard enough to kill. Now I have to do it again...
  • That fucking sucks, man. F. Remind me not to do that in my run.
  • Dude you'll know when the music starts being reeealllly slow. Don't stop until that happens.
  • Also when you run into an encounter nobody will show up.

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