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Just JafdonNintendoninja

09/23/2018 06:21 AM ·Spoilers

Outside of who's more likely, who would you most like to see in Smash Ultimate from the Xenoblade series?


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  • Tora or Poppi, meh!
    I actually wrote an entire moveset for Tora a while ago-
  • I'd really want Zeke, just because I really like the guy, but either Jin, or Addam are next. Jin's a super good character, and Addam's basically just less silly Zeke, which is great.
  • Jj

    09/25/2018 03:36 AM · Spoilers

    I think Rex is more likely than Addam. Since he’s only really a character in the Golden Country. Sure he has lines and an important part of he main story, but outside of the Spirit Crucible place, you don’t see him fight. And idk if that can really be counted as him fighting.
  • @Jj
    "Outside of who's most likely,"
  • Jj

    09/25/2018 03:41 AM · Spoilers

    Yeah, I saw that. But then you said Jin or Addam is next. I interpreted that as they’ll be the next Xenoblade characters getting in.
  • I meant, they're the next characters I'd want. There's not a chance in hell Jin's going to be playable.
  • Jj

    09/25/2018 11:33 AM · Spoilers

    Oh, ok. Sorry about that.
  • Carbon Mythra

    10/05/2018 01:51 PM · Edited · Spoilers

    Characters I would LOVE to see, completly unlikely to appear though:
    Dagas, Nia (Blade) (I could see her as an assist trophy though, despite the spoiler), Lora (solo), Mòrag\Brighid, Mòrag (solo), Pneuma (solo), Kassandra, Crossette, Godfrey

    Characters I would LOVE to see, more realistic choices:
    Mythra (solo), Mythra\Addam, Lora\Jin, Malos

    [Characters I expect:
    Rex\Pyra (\Mythra... Please be an alternative for Pyra, please)]

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