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10/03/2018 06:18 AM ·Spoilers

How about a daily life RP? We are roommates in our new apartment trying to make it out in the world as teens/young adults. I would like to test out some new OCs. ^^

Romance is allowed but nothing too inappropriate. You can use up to two OCs. Pretty casual RP, as I'm not very active on Closedverse.


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  • “Charles...I like zhat name. I'm Gabriel, it's a pleasure to meet you.”
  • so i guess Erisa walks into the apartment idk what exactly is going on rn so
  • Luna:So...did you move in alone?I clearly saw another boy with you from a distance...
    (IDK how they can meet Charles)
  • (@Spoopy Strikxr: We're all just kinda introducing ourselves right now and getting use to the place. ^^)

    "Thanks.. And nice to meet ya too." Charles said, standing back up. "You... wanna go meet the others? If ya haven't already.. I'll probably need to know their names eventually." He gave a slight smirk.

    "Oh, yeah I came here with my brother." Ripley said to Luna, gesturing to Charles behind them. "We wanted to find our own places but thought it'd be easier on money if we found a place together. But boy did we hit the jackpot here! Haha.. You wanna meet him? I can introduce ya." She asked.
  • Gabriel sighed, looking down at his legs. “I zon't know...I zon't really like talking to a lot of people zhat much...but...I g-guess if you do it, I'll do it too...”
  • "I mean, if you don't want to that's fine. I totally get the 'not wanting to talk to people' thing." Charles said with a slight laugh. "Just thought it'd be less awkward than it already is, if we both went."
  • “Ah you're right...I'll go vith you.” Gabriel slipped his hair behind his ear, standing up.
  • Night:A brother?Hmm...Well I don't feel like it is necessary to meet him now...
    Luna:Yes please,I would like to meet you're brother.
  • "Okay. Oh!" Ripley turned around quickly and saw Charles and Gabriel closer than before almost running into them. "--Heh, sorry about that. THIS is my brother Charles." She said placing a hand on his shoulder.

    "Hey." Charles simply said, waving slightly to Night and Luna.

    "Oh, and we haven't met yet! Hi I'm Ripley." She said to Gabriel, now looking to him. She was more expressive with her voice and body language than Charles.
  • Gabriel nervously smiled, waving. “Hallo, I'm Gabriel. Hhh-”
  • Luna:Nice to meet you,Charles.
    Night:Same here.
  • (@Isaiah: Yes you may!)

    "Nice to meet ya Gabriel. I like your name." Ripley said, with a more gentle smile.

    "Thanks. Good meeting you too. ...I uh, like yer highlights." Charles said to Night, trying to strike up some kind of conversation. "I've tried dying my hair, but it never went well."
  • “Danke, likewise.” Gabriel slowly nodded, turning to Charles. He then looked down, returning to his stuff so he could go finally pick a room. He didn't like being in groups much so he would wait for a good chance to talk to the other man again.
  • Night:Y-you do? feels weird to be complimented but...thank you.
    Luna:His hair is originally blonde like mine,but he just dyed it cause he didn't want to get caught-- unnecessary to mention.
  • (Sorry for inactivity ahhh)

    Charles wondered what Night did that would make him want to change his appearance so he wouldn't be recognized. "...If you say so." He shrugged, giving a smirk.

    "...Things have been a bit hectic with everyone moving in at once, huh?" Ripley chimed in. "Hey, maybe once everyone is settled we could have a party to get to know each other more?" She suggested, smiling to the three around her.

    "Ripley, When do you think that..." Charles paused to count on his fingers. "at least nine people are all going to be free at the same time? A lot of these guys are probably busy with college and work..." He said, glancing over at her. He didn't think it would work by a long shot, but admired her superior social confidence and enthusiasm.

    "I dunno. But it'd be nice, wouldn't it?" She replied with a swift shrug of her shoulders.
  • Once done putting his things together and settling down, Gabriel decided to leave his dorm and explore a bit. He was bored.
  • Night:[gives a slightly nervous smile back to Charles]Ah,a party sounds good!And besides...I don't go to school due to an illness...
    Luna:He had.Right now he's a useless good-for-nothing.As for me...I am a pianist but currently on a yes.I would like to be invited.

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