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10/07/2018 01:47 AM ·Spoilers

Star Wars the Grey Protector season 2.
Episode 4: Gus and Sug part 1.
(Story is in the comments below)

Narrator: warriors on the run! After escaping from Sug and his inquisitors, Hacker Group now has a new member, Prier pocky. However the inquisitors will not stop as their hunt for the force sensitive warriors begin!


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  • Sug

    10/07/2018 02:13 AM · Spoilers

    *on the planet Wuhu, Sharlett Aki trains in lightsaber combat with Gus, they both lock blades*

    Gus: Concentrate, control your emotions!

    Sharlett: How? I can't be calm fighting someone!

    Gus: You're used to using your anger, it clouds your judgment. In doing so...

    *Gus trips Sharlett and knocks her lightsaber*

    Gus: You end up defeated!

    Sharlett: I never really thought about that...

    Gus: Remember what your friend told you, meditate in order to clear your....

    *Gus touches his forehead feeling dizzy*

    Sharlett: You ok?

    Gus: I sense a disturbance....I have to go, continue meditating, we'll resume training when I get back!

    *Gus walks off*
  • Sug

    10/07/2018 02:28 AM · Spoilers

    *meanwhile on the star destroyer hydra orbiting Skullivia, Sug and Daremi oversee the planet on the observation deck as Sug touches his forehead*

    Daremi: Sweetheart are you alright?

    Sug: I sense something....do you?

    Daremi: No....is it Sharlett? Gus?

    Sug: I'm not sure, but I'll have to sort this out on my own.

    *Sug activates his wrist comm*

    Sug: Captain Adel, have my fighter ready for take off.

    Adel: Yes sir!

    *Sug kisses Daremi on the cheek and walks off*
  • Sug

    10/07/2018 02:57 AM · Spoilers

    *Gus' A wing comes out of hyperspace and arrives at Christophsis, he lands his fighter in the outskirts of crystal city*

    Gus: *sigh* I told myself never to come here...

    *Gus walks to a temple not to far from where he landed, the temple is ruined but familiar to him as he hears laser blasts and screams as they fade away. However behind him is Sug Dolomar*

    Sug: Hello Gus.

    *Gus turns around, pointing his blaster and lightsaber at him*

    Gus: What the hell are you doing here Sug?!

    Sug: I could be asking you the same thing.

    *Sug activates his lightsaber and points his own blaster at Gus*

    Sug: I just love how we're one of the same. I can predict your every move, why don't you give up and turn yourself in?

    Gus: Over my dead body!

    Sug: Very well.

    *Sug shoots Gus but he deflects the shots with his lightsaber, he charges towards him. They both clash their lightsabers, however the floor starts to crack and then it breaks causing them to both fall*
  • Sug

    10/07/2018 03:04 AM · Spoilers

    *traveling through hyperspace in a rogue class starfighter, Jelena is contacted by tip krad*

    Jelena: General, what are your orders?

    Tip: Lieutenant, I need a favor. One of our spies on Christophsis has spotted Gus' A wing. Get over there and take him out.

    Jelena: With pleasure boss.

    *tip Krad ends transmission*
  • Sug

    10/07/2018 03:13 AM · Spoilers

    *Gus wakes up and finds himself in a cave. However he also finds Sug in the rubble and points his blaster at him*

    Sug: You're really gonna shoot me when we're both stuck in a cave?

    Gus: I'd rather be stuck here all alone than with you!

    Sug: you don't have much choice, we'll both die if we don't escape.

    Gus: I hate it when you're right.

    *Gus grabs Sug's hand and pulls him out. They both use their lightsabers to look through the dark as they walk*
  • Sug

    10/07/2018 03:14 AM · Spoilers

    Stay tuned for episode 5: Gus and Sug part 2.
    (This must be the shortest episode I've done)

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