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Carbon MythraHimaNeko

10/09/2018 06:41 PM ·Spoilers

Xenoblade Chronicles 2-Quest to complete your favourite blade...



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  • Jj

    10/10/2018 12:04 PM · Spoilers

    Nice! I gotta play this game again and work on Nia and Wulfric’s affinity charts. Second one is gonna be a challenge since there are no blank spots on his.
  • Well... Dag's 2nd Affinity Chart wasn't too hard honestly. It was mainly "Do this for x times" and that's not hard nor even takes long to do.
    Took me an hour (exclude the Trust Grinding aka "Violate your Switch's A-Button" before though)

    And yeah, I should get to Nia as well now actually (I enjoy using her as a blade more than a driver actually. And since Rex can use her blades it's not really a loss since he can pretty much become the healer of the party)

    ... Same goes for all of my other favourite blades of course (Mythra, Poppi QT Pi, KOS-MOS, Kassandra, Adenine, Finch, Corvin, Crossette, Electra, Floren, Perun, Godfrey

    Quiet the list actually)

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