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10/11/2018 04:53 PM ·Spoilers · Edited (10/11/2018 04:56 PM)

So you want custom themes but you have no cfw because chances are you have no DSiWare games thanks to Fucktendo?

No problem.

There is another way to get Anemone with the HBL

First, make sure you have access to the HBL

Go here: https://github.com/astronautlevel2/Anemone3DS/releases

download the .3dsx file

move it to the /3ds folder

eject the sd card

put it back into the 3DS

open your access point to hbl

you should see the Anemone app installed

Now eject the sd card again and put it back in pc

go to themeplaza.eu

download themes

put them in your /Themes folder (It should be in the /3ds folder)

open anemone and then you should see the theme in your list

install the theme and enjoy


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