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10/17/2018 07:03 PM ·Spoilers

What’s the best way to get friend powder in Pocket Camp?


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  • In my opinion you get the most when you share rare creatures in events.
  • Hmm i watered 5 flowers of someone yesterday but only got one :/

    And you mean like at a fish event thingy? (Not sure how the English version calls it)
  • No a garden event where you capture rare creatures. When you share them you can get a lot of friend powder depending how much you share. I usually get around 10 since I share a lot. In fact I have over 1000 due to this and nothing to use it on.
  • Oh nice
    I’ll wait for the next event!

    But can’t you use it on the machine at ok motors? That’s what I want it for xD
  • Yeah you could.
    Thing is I've done it sooooooo much that I'm sooooo bored of it.
    I want another minigame.
  • K that’s kinda bad
    Hopefully they bring more, I expect it tbh
  • Same here. Would be cool if we got a pinball game.

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