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10/22/2018 12:16 PM ·Spoilers

And so my 10 month losing streak continues. (Not counting Squid v Octo due to inactivity over that one) I never got a 100x or 10x, but it was still fun. This is probably my favorite name from it all.


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  • 10 months? Wow, I didnt realize it was thar bad. Hope you win next Splatfest.

    Also that name is amazing
  • Jj

    11/09/2018 08:06 PM · Spoilers

    I do and don’t hope so. Kinda wanna see how I feel if it gets to a year.

    Actually got to 2.1% synergy that game. That was the highest amount we had that Splatfest.
  • Bet you'll be pissed. That'll be fun.

    That's impressive! Congrats!
  • Jj

    11/14/2018 10:29 PM · Spoilers

    Ha, probably. Either that or I’ll just feel so dull that I won’t care anymore.


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