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A Tsunami Has Gone To IndigoLycan

10/22/2018 06:28 PM ·Spoilers

I’m thinking of givin the X series a try, should I?


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  • yeah, they're pretty fun games to play, although some of the games can be harder to get into than others

    also Zero
  • Yes. I recommend playing the first 5 Mega Man X games as they are quite fun. X5 loses some quality compared to X4 but X5 is quite decent. After that, lower your expectations because the series went downhill after X5 imo. X8 is decent but X6 and X7 are bad. X7 is a mediocre type of bad while X6 is a frustrating type of bad.

    But hey, that's just my opinion. Give X1 a try first. You might actually like it enough to play more of the X series.
  • The first X is my favorite.

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