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get destroyed bitchget destroyed bitch

11/10/2018 08:15 AM ·Spoilers

One, Two, One, Two
He is all that remains of once a powerful nation (showtime)
Right now, you're on the threshold of an amazing adventure (showtime)
One, Two, Two, Three


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  • Rise and Shine, Ursine!
  • "Ťħèŕè īś ņо мôřę çľòşęď" *Demon ha has come out of closedverse's logo in 3d with mouth open* Closedverse 2 : STAY AWAY! *Waving 2 arms in the air with eyes closed.* arms and feet go in body and does the pac man death animation and Closedverse 2 is gone but the bow that says "2" is not.*
  • go on my profile to see what is happening it is the same I talked about.
  • Nothing to say

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