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11/12/2018 07:20 PM ·Spoilers

I keep getting perfect fruit in PC and I don’t know what to do.

I have two perfect pears on seperate trees and one perfect cherry on another.


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  • I asked what to do with them a while ago as well, but I didn’t get an answer.

    I already have like for if a perfect apple so I might try giving it to a camper.
  • I tend to stick up on rare items but then not give them to my villagers unless I have too much of them because I found out that for a lot of the items they at lower than the selling price if it’s above 1,500 bells.
  • Like for example, if you give them a Koi, which is about 4000 bells or something, they may only pay like 1,500 bells for it.
  • Ragnarok Pocket Camp
  • Indeedum
  • It's best to just give them to Villagers for two reasons.
    1: They sell for 600 bells and if you give them to a villager you get 1500 bells.
    2: There's a chance you'll get a fortune cookie from a Villager.
  • Ooh, thanks for letting me know
  • No problem.
  • Yay I finally know about them as well

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